Aberdeen HWD

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has been down there catching any bait. It is a little over an hour drive for me so it is nice to know if there are shad there before i make the drive. if you hit it right u can get a bunch of skippies too. any help would be great!
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    I was down thee last weekend for a couple hours with my son. We saw a few guys snagging shad, but nothing caught.

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  3. I went Saturday morning right at daybreak and stayed till about noon. They weren't releasing any hot water. Only caught 2 skipjacks. There was a guy throwing a net for shad but he wasn't catching any.
  4. It took us 2 hrs with a cast net yesterday am to get about 8 shad from the boat, dont bother......about 50 people there yesterday and only saw 1 fish caught, a skippie I think, it was a little far away

  5. Thanks for the update guys! So does anyone know where to catch some good cat bait right now?