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  1. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    well i know that i got one transfered in my name years ago but i dont remember how

    there is am abandoned boat that someone left at my aunts house (last time i did it i was the land owner) the guy dissapeered ..........boats been there 10 years how does one get it into their name so theu can use it?
  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    oh its a 14 footer so it needs a title

  3. Just guessing...would think the property owner could get legal possession and then do whatever they wanted with it.
  4. no...not that easy... first you have to contact the odnr...second have the boat surveyed, third offer it for public sale then pay the surveyor out of it and fee's you have such as storage (at $7.00 a day) x 10 years =$25,550
    some simple advice...take the motor off it and burn the boat ,,,,then apply for lost title for the motor and sell the trailer
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    yes ,i have inquired about the laws myself and you have to jump thru quite a few hoops to make it yours.
  6. Call the police. They will take it to their facility. It it remains unclaimed after 90 (I think it's 90, could be 120) days, you will legally be able to claim it. You will then get the claim ticket validated and legally it's yours. You should be able to properly get a title, valid #'s, etc. I tried to do this with a canoe that washed up on my property...however, it was claimed :mad: :D - (mixed emotions).
  7. Call cops they will come and get it.Make sure it is noted that u called and would like to keep it.u will have to pay a salvage fee after a certain amout of time.I am in the car repair bus,anything with a title is not as easy as u may think it is to get one for.
  8. call Bill Flynn @614 875 9418 he does titles tell himm richard sent you
  9. My buddy used to have a storage business. He always had unclaimed boats, junk cars, etc. that people quit paying storage fees on. Often times he could not locate the owner. He tried to title a few of the boats. Too many hoops to jump through. I remember him cutting up 2 aluminum boats and a Range Rover with aluminum body pannels and selling the scrap.
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    Hard to believe a truck that weighs 8900 lbs has a aluminum body on it. lol Thats why they never rust out, except for the rear upper gates and floors. At least on the RRC models.