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Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Ranger91, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. ABA District 38 Ohio North

    TOURNAMENT is at MOSQUITO on Saturday June 9th

    We are launching from the State PARK RAMP.

    Boaters will Draw for boat position as you register.
    Non-Boaters will Draw after the morning meeting.
    Registration starts at 4:30am ENDS AT 6:00am.
    Mandatory rules/partner meeting starts at 6:00am.
    Tournament will start at 6:30am & end at 3:00pm.

    Make sure your registerd before 6:00am or you will not be allowed to fish in the tournament!!!

    You can join ABA online or by signing up for a membership at the ramp the morning of the tournament. $25.00 1 Year Membership Fee - $70.00 Tournament Entry Fee(Includes $5 for Big Bass)
    If your already a member there's a $5 late entry fee if you pay at the ramp.
    No late fees for New or Renewing Members or Life Members.

  2. How many non-boaters do you guys usually have?

  3. There is up to 5 non-boaters I fished for the last 2 years and its a good group of guys you should come out.
  4. are the non-boater and the boater fishing for the same prize money or seprate prize money ?
  5. Usually we have between 1 and 6 Non-Boaters. 18 to 30 Boaters.

    Yes, the boater and non-boater are fishing for the same prize money.

    If a boater does get paired with a non-boater each have 1/2 day to fish the water they wish. 99% of the time the non-boater is happy going wherever the boater wants. As long as their catching fish that is!!!!

    You should come out and check it out. It is a great group of guys and our feilds are continuing to grow!!!

    You can find out all about ABA's American Fishing Tour at their website WWW.AMERICANBASSANGLERS.COM

    Also, check out our local District at WWW.ABADISTRICT38.COM