Aaron Martens is a big baby!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by davycrockett, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I have been watching the BASS tourny at Falcon Lake in Texas this morning on ESPN2. Brian Velvick and Aaron Martens were fighting over a spot the whole weekend. They were going back and forth the whole time. Velvick was catching keepers and Aaron wasn't. Instead of looking for bigger fish somewhere else Martens continued to fish near Velvick and continued to piss and moan about how Velvick took his spot! What a whiny little puke! I dont give a crap for either of these guys but Martens made himself look like an idiot. Instead of being the professional he is he self destructed and made excuses for not searching out new patterns.
  2. I agree that they both looked like babies...but I'll play devils advocate and back Martens on this one...

    He made a good point when he told Byron that the biggest fish left on the spot were 6 1/2 pounders...Velvick couldn't have won the tournament with those fish but Martens could have. They both found the spot in practice but Martens was the leader of the tournament for 3 days...I think Velvick could have stepped aside under those circumstances.

    I thought it was funny that they didn't mention how Paul Elias jacked a spot from Ish Monroe (according to what I read online) after day 1 when Monroe was in 4th (I believe) w/ 35 pounds. Monroe lost the spot because of the flights reversing on day 2 and decided to leave...it didn't fare too well for him either.

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    Yeah, Velvick being there flat out broke Martens mentally, he should have tried to adjust instead if just sitting there complaining all day.
    HOWEVER, Velvick was truly acting like a creep during the whole time, so I've got no respect for him either. He probably should have let the leader have the spot.
  5. Sad how they acted but that happens in all tournaments. On other shows they have showed were one guy gives up his spot for a guy that is higher in the over all standing. But the producers know that every now and then the pot needs to be stirred for ratings. And having the 1st place guy crying over losing his spot is just to rich of an opportunity to miss. But I agree that he should have moved on, because he could clearly see the other guy was not going to move. Put I think that Martin should bump him going into pit row and then get out and throw his helmet at him. Ops, I jumped to NASCAR there. But it would be funny to watch on ESPN tomorrow.