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AAAHH!!!HELP!!!greenhorn steelheader needs advice

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TPaco214, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. yo i hope some of you experienced guys can help me out some. I go to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and am wondering where would be the best place to go for some good quality steelhead action in the Cleveland area. I just got a car up here and brought my fishing gear up in hopes of fishing during the weekends. I've gone a few times I think in Conneaut creek but i didn't catch anything. I'm new to the game so what are some good tactics? But what I need to know most is where to go and directions on how to get there (specific spots). Don't worry---I'll be fishing by myself so I won't blab about any good honey holes. Thanks
  2. I would ask about the Rocky River....I personally don't know specific holes on that one....

    But the Chagrin river is a good spot at Gilson Park across from Lost Nation Rd. off Rt.2 in Willouhby. Then upriver from there is a place called Todd Field. It's the rt.20 bridge over the chagrin. There are holes all along there..then even up further off rt.84 is Daniels Park where the old hydro dam used to be until this winter.....need waders for there though...not sure how much of a hole is left there since the dam collapsed....

    On the Grand River, try at the rt. 20 and rt.90 bridges .....gotta get there early though....also the old Painesville dam up in downtown painesville..can't remember name of rd. but there is a Key Bank on the corner of it.....down that road there is a bridge, underneath is where the old dam was...and still is a nice hole...that is where all the tournament leaders have gotten the big fish.....

    I have had luck at Conneaut before.....I hear they do good in the creeks by Geneva State Park also...Cowles creek and wheeler creek i believe they are called....

    Good luck...


  3. yo thanks for the info---i will def check some of those out this weekend. good luck to you whenever u go out.
  4. Dingo


    Best way to start is to fish the more popular areas to get an idea of what others are using and how they are using it. As mentioned in another post, the lower grand (Painesville to the lake) and the couple of lake county metroparks upstream from there are a good place to start, as is the chagrin from the site of the old daniel's park dam to the lake. This is probably the closest to your location. If you want to try west, anywhere on the rocky river from the lake to just past the airport (little cedar point road -- nature center) is a decent place to start, since it is 100% public property. Find the crowds, gain some experience, then start to explore on your own.
  5. The Division of Wildlife webpage has a steelhead section with river access maps that would be a great way to find a spot close to you. Besides going with someone, has a lot of information to get you started.

  6. you've got lots of great info from people who know what they are talking about buddy. listen to people like dingo and do check out that for drift fishing info, if that is what you are doing. like joel said, it does help to have someone guide you around on the first few trips. i do it all the time and am free next sat if you are gonna be out. i am usually with a bunch of lunkheads, but have been hanging out alot with inspector, since he is a newbie and love to fish for them, and because he has become a close friend. so, let me know. pass me a pm.

  7. this is my first post and I have to say this is a great site. Wish I had ran across it way sooner. But anyway, seeing that your at case you can easily head to the rocky for some quality steelhead fishing. Like some one metioned the ODNR website had a map with locations on it to fish. Other then that when you go to the river get your waders on and start walking the river thats the best way to find holes. Good luck.
  8. thanks everyone for the great advice---i hope to try my luck this weekend----this is really a cool forum.