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A weekend in the woods..(Long)

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Onion, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Last weekend was the first hunt of the year for me. I have access, through a friend, to 300+ acres in SE Ohio. The property is hilly to the point of being near mountainous.

    I rode out to the land with 2 of my friends and it was good to feel the excitement mounting as we looked forward to a weekend in the woods for the first time. The talk centered on what our goals were for the year. Mine was to simply see more deer, specifically more bucks.

    We pulled off the main road and onto the small gravel driveway and made our way towards the house.

    Suddenly I looked up and there he was. It was the biggest buck I had ever seen that was not on TV. He was standing smack dab in the middle of the road and wasn't about to give an inch. His rack extended well beyond either ear and seemed to have a 1000 points on each side. He must have weighed 300 pounds. As we slowed to a stop we noticed the other deer on either side of the field. There were at least 10 does within 50 yards of us.

    As we sat in the truck we watched this monster buck calmly collect his harem and move them off the road to our right. Once all the does were safely into the woods he turned back to us. The staredown lasted at least 20 seconds before he stomped his feet and calmly walked off. No one said a word.

    We made our way to the house and sat down with the owner for an hour or two. The talk centered around the buck we had just seen. It turns out this deer is the subject of quite a bit of talk between he and his neighbors. The buck has been around at least three seasons and very few people have ever had a shot at him.

    We headed up to the top of the hill to the house we stay in while hunting. After the woodstove had the house warm and our bunks were made we all went to bed with thoughts of the big boy running through our head.

    The next morning our hopes for a perfect hunt were dashed by driving rain. We geared up however and hit the woods. As I headed to my customary spot I reflected on how good it was to be back to the ways things should be, how troubles at work had faded when I caught the first whiff of cool country air faintly scented by dozens of wood stoves in the valley and how lucky I was to have access to such a superb hunting destination.

    As I approached the spot I scanned for a sign of deer and spotted two does calmly picking out the choice shoots in the recently mowed field. Everything stopped and I looked for a way to get out of their line of sight. There it was! The creekbed was 10 feet away and 50 yards from the deer. I was moving through a wooded area and prayed the timber would mask my movement, the wind was right and the rain had soaked the leaves carpeting the forest floor, masking the sound of my passing. I took a step..

    As the twig snapped my heart stopped. The stick was unseen due to the same leaves that had been my ally 2 seconds ago. Both does were staring at me. I was stuck in between steps and dared not move a muscle.

    After a lifetime of waiting the does started to move towards me. Of course I was in no condition to take a shot , my crossbow was not cocked, my blind was on my back and I had my seat in my hand not carrying my bow. I took a step towards the creek whenever I could. I hoped to be able to lay down and cock the bow, drop the extras and get a kneeling shot.

    It was not to be however, one more snapping twig was all it took and the does were gone, announcing my presence to anyone who would listen.

    The rest of the weekend was uneventful as the wind picked up and the deer laid down. No one sighted that monster buck and as far as we know he lives another day.

    I can't wait for my next chance at the big bruiser. That will come on November 5...
  2. Good luck on the big boy.

  3. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I enjoyed reading that, keep the stories (reports) coming.

  4. Onion,you Should Be A Writer For Outdoor Life//////
  5. A great writer you are! Thanks. Enjoyed every thought. :)