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  1. I picked up a Mauser Chileno modelo 1895 awhile back and finally found the proper rounds for this rifle (7 x 57 ) not a ease round to find.....at least it wasn't for me.....anyhow Iwas wondering if anyone out there has the same rifle, and if so....do you shoot it? HELL, the guns over 100 years old. I've broke it down, and it seems sound.I'm also wondering what the site adjustments are for the back site...Any insight would maybe save some seriuos injury.......either way it's getting used this weekend...maybe you'all will see me on You-Tube...ha ha
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    Shouldnt be a hard rd to find. Do a interent search I'm sure there are plenty of dealers stalking it

  3. thats how i had to find them....nothing local...i'd rather spread the wealth locally if i can.. if you know what i mean..
  4. i would still like some feed back on this situation....with a gun this old and using updated ammo is it safe? Has anyone out there went through this dilemma, if so, how did you rectify the issue
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    Sure Its done all the time BUT cant say if its safe for you in your situation. I know nothing about your rifle and its condition. Has headspace ever been checked ? Is there surplus available for it?