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a theory, an answer or a hunch?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ying6, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I took my first steelheading trip of the season up to the Rocky yesterday. After fishing for them as much as I have the past 5 years, I felt yesterday looked like a great day to be on the River.
    As I got to the first hole I found that the fish were really active and jumping all around. In the past when the fish start jumping, I would think to myself.. give them about 20 minutes and they will start hitting. At that time they normally stopped jumping.
    Yesterday that didn't happen, ever. They continued to jump all around, even hitting my float from time to time. A very frustrating day to say the least.
    SO, while fishing I was able to talk to a few guys who seemed to have their own thoughts on the situation. - Most of them came up with the same answer, hunch or theory...
    "The fish are on the move, there won't be much catching going on today."
    - Does anyone else feel this way and what do you normally think when you see jumping fish?
    Heading out again on Weds... hope those fish jump on my line this time!
  2. When I am fishing at night and they are jumping all around me, it doesn't seem like they start biting until they stop jumping. During the day, I've caught fish whether they're jumping around or not. We saw fish jumping constantly today, and had a pretty good day.

  3. Dingo


    I found the same thing on Friday. Perfect condition - color and flow - but not many fish caught. Best advice is to ignore the jumpers once you figure that they're not in a feeding mood, then try a different type of water. Most strikes on Friday came at the very bottom (tailout) of the hole. Most activity seemed to be in the middle of the hole. Earlier in the week, the fish seemed to be packed at the top of the hole. One thing to try when active fish don't seem to be biting is to try a minnow imitator/spoon/spinner/minnow fly at a rather fast speed to try to get a reaction bite. I've had days where this is the only way to get the fish.

    Mike, I'll give you a report on Tuesday or so. Wednesday might be open for me, unless I drag the canoe to Punderson.
  4. I am experiencing the same thing on the east side here...
    Last year at this time I had 35 fish thru Oct/Nov......

    This yr I have 5. The small water I normally fish just is not getting
    a good run of strays so far....

    All day Friday/Saturday/Sunday the water looked good even with the little rain we got....

    Don't know what up, but I am gonna go to dropping some minnows or eggs off the bottom and see what happens....the jig/mag just aint doin' it for them I guess....