A SUPER VIDEO CLIP 'Moose Hunting."

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Nikster, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. ...Taht was a super video clip...If that was her baby in the background and it looked like it was to me...he could have been in big trouble her being that close...GREAT VIDEO...C.L...
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  2. I caught myself sitting still and holding my breath watching that. Surprised she didn't cut her lip on the broadhead. (Which looked kinda small for moose hunting)
  3. crittergitter

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    It's FAKE. Look a little closer guys. It's a mannequin dressed up as a hunter with a bow just sitting there. It is not a real person/hunter.
  4. Could be???????????????

    Without 100% proof that would be hard to establish. But then who is operating the camera?
    Panning from left to right?
    In comparison, the broadhead seem right, broadhead vs. bow?
    But a moose is so large that the broadhead would be looking on the small side.

    There is, IMO.... NO WAY TO CONFIRM?
  5. I saw this a while back and did not pay as much attention to the hunter as I did the moose. I think you may be right on this. The side profile of the hunter at the beginning looks pretty suspicious. The camera man is still rather close to the whole thing but it could very well not be a hunter in the view.
  6. crittergitter

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    OMG! No. You guys do not get it. I saw the original website that this video was posted to. It was done as a fun little experiment. What you see is a dummy......a mannequin. It is NOT a hunter in any regard other than it kind of looks like one. As for the camera. It is just perched there. Those moose are in NO WAY approaching people. They are walking up to a dummy and a video camera placed in the woods. Nothing more and no suspiscious or skeptical stuff. I don't have the link right now, but this is a fake video. I did see someone swiped it and stuck it on Youtube, but it is the exact same video. Completely fake and that is by fact and not suspicion.

    I find it hilarious that even after calling it out, some still think it is real. :p
  7. Lundy

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    That just begs the question of why would someone set up a mannequin, dress it camo, put a bow in its hand and set up with the video camera?

    That mannequin has the most realistic looking hands I've seen, very lifelike.
  8. You are right about the hands. They are very convincing, much more than the face profile.

    I don't believe though that the camera was operated automatically without a person. It follows the movement of the moose and zooms in on her as she licks the broadhead.
  9. At the very bbegining of the vid I'm almost sure that the "hunter" moves. and a dummy couldn't operate a camera like that.
  10. I once was duck hunting and had a wild doe come right up to me and smell my hand. Also there are probably some places where moose never see a human. I don't know if the hunter was a mannequin or not but I could see it happening.