a steelhead clouser!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Fishaholic69, Nov 1, 2008.

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    broke out my tying gear! came up with this. wonder if a steelhead will man up to its reputation and eat one of its own kind??? haha :p

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  2. Nice tie! I bet that will inspire some steelies to go cannibalistic. I've tied up some bunker minnows in the same 'steelie' color pattern but have yet to fish them. By the way, what kind of camera do you have? The image looks great!


  3. Fishaholic69

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    thanks we will soon find out I hope! I have a samsung nv3 camera I got last x-mas. its 7.2 megapixels but I only have it on the vga setting so the pix are computer friendly and fit on the forums. if you use the macro setting it takes close up like that but you can actually go closer and take pix of small nymphs and dries on the next macro setting. all the pix you see even out on the stream are from this camera. I usually take it out on the stream with me in a plastic ziplock bag. I don't know if steelhead will eat other smaller steels but maybe the pink will make a buck aggressive and attack it or something. I have clousers in many colors but had some pink bucktail and wanted to use some of it. I am gonna make some wooley buggers in white,black and brown later today I think. will post um as I tie um
  4. FA69, I like!!! I think that should work great when there in the shallows, do you have any weighted eyes to make heavier one for deep water?
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    I have some dumbell eyes but I got them offline and when I got um they were huge!! they might work out tho for deeper flows and some size 6 streamer hooks or so. I like the bead chain eyes because they don't sink like a stone. of course when the flows really fast this doesn't help much when the fish are deep.
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    tie these up guys asap!! I caught 1 steelie and 1 coho salmon (people think) on them today!
  7. nice Job FA69!!!!!!