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  1. To everyone who has posted on this site thankyou it has really helped me to know where and when to fish because I live 100 + miles away from the big O and drive truck for a living most of my fishing trips are short notice not knowing when I will have a day off it helps to turn on computer and find out what is going on in each pool I dont post much because I am a bit shy and not home much I am just learning the big O and think its better to just read and ask questions than to try to start an agrument

    I do have a question I know about the lanch ramp in new richmond and the 2 ramps on the east side of cincinnatti but where can i put a boat in on the west side of town and where can i get bait on the west side it is just too cold to run from aep to the gmr
  2. You can put your boat in at riverside boat ramp off of river road on the west side. it is between Anderson Ferry and Fairbanks. It is right acroos the street from Jim and Jacks Bar. As far as bait on the west side. There is a Bait shop in Addiston. one block east of the police staion. they carry just about every type of bait.

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  3. thankyou for the ramp I am looking for shad or skips to cast net then go cat fishing and striper just never been past hooters on the river didnt know what was down close to the gmr
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    But Tanners is 1/2 mile from the AEP plant and maybe a mile from the mouth of the GMR. It's free (that's a plus) but there is no dock. However, that all may change next year. Last week when I launched there I spoke to a new employee with the public works department I think and he told me that there are plans to improve the Tanners ramp, including a dock, lighting and bathrooms. If that happens, that will make Tanners a great place to launch as there is fuel, bait and supplies right near the ramp. Tanners has the benefit of having a deep water channel, very little current even when the Big O is rocking and that makes launching/loading that much easier. Provided the money is there Tanners may wind up being a nice place. There are multiple tourneys launched there every year and Lawrenceburg sees the return in the improvements. Let's hope it happens.