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A place to try

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by Shortdrift, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Spencer Lake and Public Hunting Area in Medina County has a great population of carp with some really large ones. I have seen fish that I know reach 30 pounds spawning in the Spring and sometimes in the summer.
    The lake is devided by an earthen walkway, and I have noticed that the carp seem to prefer the North portion of the lake. There is shore access all around the lake. I very seldom see anyone fishing for carp and feel they are missing a good, large fish potential.
    The Lake is about 18 miles West of I71 on route 162. Best way to get there is I71 to Rt.18 West into Medina then Rt.42 (Court Street) South to Rt.162 West. Continue West until you arrive at Spencer Wildlife Area on the North side of 162. You will have to go North on one of the roads just prior to or just after the Spencer Area parking lot. The road prior to will put you on the East side of the lake which offers better shore fishing (in my opinion) while the road after the parking area puts you on the West side. There is a boat launch on each side. Electric motors only.
    Hope some of you dedicated carp fishermen try this lake in 2005 and post a report. :) Good Luck.
  2. Spencer was on my list to fish hard this year along with Findley for grassies. I only saw 1 small common at Spencer this fall so your info is much appreciated. :D :D

  3. The carp are big as Texas Longhorns in Spencer lake.
    I see them often while huntin fowl.
    They startle the heck out of you when all is quiet and they decide to kick their tails and leave a splash behind.
    The kind of startle that you get when Deer huntin and you jump a Grouse.
  4. I'll take a gander over there too this coming spring
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    iceman.. let me know when you hitting that place..i'll join ya.. :D
  6. heading there this morning to check the ice and then to New London for a few.Kind of confusing,sitting on ice fishing, waiting for it to melt so I can fish. :confused: :confused: