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May 4th I picked up my grandson around 09:30. He had 2 containers of red worms for this trip. We headed off to my friends farm pond.

We got to the pond around 10:30 after a bout a .5 mile walk thru the pasture. The pond was clear, but the moss has grown thicker than the last time we fished there. My grandson once again had 4 bluegills landed before I got my line in the water. I was using a light collapsible rod with a trigger style spinning reel for the first time. It took me some time to get used to casting that set up. I was getting bites but just not hooking the fish. 11:05 I finally hooked my first bluegill of the day.

It was getting on the warm side with a bright sun and light breeze. I ready got tired standing up to keep a sharp eye on my bobber. I had to sit down on a log a few times while I drank some water and ate a snack.

12:00 my grandson caught an 11:5 inch l.m.bass on one of the small blue gills he had caught. The bluegills were biting hot then cold on and off the rest of the time we fished. My grandson had honors again for the biggest and most fish caught. He had 27 bluegills and 1 bass. I had only 17 bluegills, but missed as many as I caught.

14:00 we called it a day for we were out of worms, we walked backed to the car. I am in poor shape for I was beat by the time I reached the car. My grandson took over 30 small bluegills into the farm yard to feed my friend’s barn cats. They came out to feast on the fish as soon as he threw them on the ground. So another win-win day, we had action and they good some food.
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