A New Year---New Water

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  1. A new year with thoughts about fishing some new water.
    And revisiting some old water that I have not seen in years.
    Some are a little ways from my home but drivable in one day.

    My list, in no particular order.

    Salt Fork -- Now this is bit of a road trip from my house, about 160 miles.
    I still would like to get down there a check it out. This may be a two day weekend trip.

    Caesar Creek-- Another weekend road trip 170 miles form my driveway.
    Was working on I 70 just east of I 75, met a guy on the job site that offered to take me out on Caesar and show me around. May just take him up on the offer.

    West Branch ---- The miles are getting shorter, only about 120.
    Other than reading what you guys talk about and looking at a lake map.
    I know nothing about West Branch.

    Lake St Clair --- A short road trip, 113 miles from my driveway to the launch at the end of Nine Mile road in St Clair Shores Michigan.

    And what I call my home Musky water. Clear Fork, a hop and a skip down the road. Just 50 miles away. I really like this little lake, no jet skies, unlimited horse power and a 8 m.p.h speed limit. Did I mention no jet skies.

    That’s about it. If I’m lucky I my get to two of the lakes on my list.

    How about you folks, any new lakes that you would like to fish?
  2. Lake St. Clair - Want to fish that place bad!!
    Had a guy tell me about a hump that is suppose to be killer! Would trade a Clearfork outing for one of these.

    West Branch - don't know it at all but would like to fish it once.

    Salt Fork - Went golfing there once - get a cart!! :) Would like to fish it just from the reports.

    Clearfork - actually live on it - tired of it. If you want to know how to catch 6-8 musky in a day send me a PM. Seriously !!

  3. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    Lake Ontario- King Salmon and other salmoniods and trout, did it a couple times and dying to get back, i'll have riggers shortly so it's a 100% go for sure, I can't wait

    Lk St Clair is top on my list for a try at some Musky fishing probably go fishing with a friend who is great buddies with a charter captain so I don't have to invest in the tackle or towing up there.

    Saginaw Bay- another top walleye spot in the world I would like to fish it for a weekend because I will most likely have to fish a tourney up there at up time or another in the next few year.