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  1. Went up North for a day to fish for steelhead. The river was muddy and high. My buddy fishes for them a lot and helped me through out the day. I managed three fish. They went three, four, and six pounds. Not to bad for not knowing what I was doing. Ronnie
  2. that just what i,ve been looking to get into. if u don,t mind, what kind off rod and reels did u use?

  3. I used my 6wt, nine foot fly rod. Ronnie
  4. Way to go, Ronnie, TC1 take you up?
    I'd like to do that someday, thanks for posting here in the SW, keeps us informed.
  5. I did go up with TC1. We fished in the fall together a lot. Ronnie
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    Next time there's a steelie trip, let us know! I'd like to get another one. My first experience was a BLAST. Got luck on the first trip on my own with a large 36" fish :D and a few more good ones. My last few trips have been a skunk and the water has been too high and muddy.


    FISHONAJ wishin i was fishin

    Hey Ronnie ~ i resized a pic of your steelhead to post with your thread. I emailed you and TC1 the originals. Nice meeting you...

    tight lines, AJ

  8. Steve could you send me the smaller resized images that would be great. Ronnie
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    It was a last minute decision by us three OGF'ers last Sat eve to drive up to fish Sun in spite of dicey conditions but it was worth it.It was kinda off color but we started w/ 12" vis and it was 18" by the end of the day.Flows were really pushing though...Roniie had to run to land a coupla fish or two. OK,I guess AJ and I did too.Hey,if that's what ya gotta do!
    We caught all our fish on small yarn flies in sz's 12-14 in lt orange and chartreuse under floats set between 3-4' deep.Ronnie actually hooked around 14-16 fish but most got off.As AJ call's them,"tricksters".They are the masters of hook throwiing.He kept lifting the rod tip like on a bass/walleye hookset and that does'nt do anything for steel but nick thier gums as the hook slides out when they roll. Ya gotta pull low and in the downstream direction to get a hookset on 'em and he kept pulling the wrong way.It went something like this:"Hey Ronnie.did'ja see that one?Heck ,that was probably a 10 lb'er ya missed!" Just ribbing ya man,everybody has trouble getting used to fishing steel. You actually did better'n most.
    The one thing I never get used to is"first day fatigue". Ya drive up on a 4 hr drive,sit around the motel w/ your buddies telling fish stories(and maybe a few beverages) till somebody says,"hey,maybe we oughta get some sleep". And we wake up 4 hrs later to stumble down to the river in the early light and have a long day of walking over lots of broken rocks and wading sometimes strong currents and then driving back at the end of it all. Whew! It's better'n driving up at 3am to fish all day and THEN drive back! I'm too old for that stuff any more! It's easier if ya stay for 2 days and go to bed early the 2nd nt..you really have no choice as you're that tired .Ya feel great the 2nd morning cuz ya slept like 10 hours cuz the day before wore you out,LOL!
    Should be great this week w/ this warm weather but I gotta stay around town this week cuz my dad is kinda sick right now and I have to see how it goes.TC1