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a new award for fish in??

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by crappielooker, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i was tinkering with this idea since wintertime, and wanting to know the feedback on it..
    i'm thinking about creating an award for the person who catches the smallest carp during the outing.. it has to be caught fair and square.. weigh it just like the big fish and see who caught the smallest at the year's end.. i'll even supply the plague for this special award myself..
    what do u say??
  2. You've been working on this idea since winter time? Man...what a deep thinker.

    I'm going to have to say no on the small carp award. I don't see any benefit from humiliating a person. :confused:

  3. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    to me..its hard to catch those little guys fair and square.. its sort of like matchfishing in europe.. different thinking style in fishing..
    i just dont want the outing to become just the big fish hunt.. if we are doing that, then why not just set the outing up at the well known big carp place instead of all around the state..
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    I like that idea alot there Ak !!! Heck , a couple years ago when I had the biggest carp fro 5 months or so, I probably had the smallest :D I cayght 2 carp that day @ East Harbor.The big one and one about 12" long.......I say it's a grande idea............ ;)
  5. If you're donating the plaque, why not? It would add a little more fun to it. Good idear Crappielooker.
  6. I like the idea. Most kid derbys have a smallist award and we are all kids at heart.
  7. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    Man He creates a award that he can surely win!!!!! LOL :D We'll I know how to beat him all I have to do is the hindlick manuver on the 50 inch muskie I catch. Cause they are probably full of small carp. Goshh people actually fish for carp. I hough they were feeder fish. LOL
    Good Idea crappielooker.
  8. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    thanks guys..i thought it is a pretty good idea myself.. with the venues like dillon, buckeye and clark lake..i think it should be kinda fun.. this way people with any kind of gear can get in on the action.. get those size 22 hooks and goto town. :D
  9. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker far the only regular carper that like the idea is da king, tpet and myself.. i also see some great responds from other species fisherperson as well.. i think its a good thing .. thats why we have the fish ins guys, to bring people to our sport.. :)
  10. I think it's a cool idea...just to add more of a fun side to things...instead of just focusing on trying to get the biggest fish all the time. I get tired of hearing about people complaining about only getting into small fish, etc. That's not what these outings are about...I was happy catching all those 5 and 6 pound carp with a few low teens mixed in. Another good idea would be biggest mirror or something like that...everybody seems to appreciate mirror carp regardless of their size.

    By the way, Bambi and I had our own "smallest fish" competition going on at East Harbor...and she beat me at that also :rolleyes: .
  11. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    cw..what's new?? she always whooped our butts by catching the first fish everytime we go.. next time we'll have to delay her a little.. :p
  12. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    ..." get tired of hearing about people complaining about only getting into small fish, etc. That's not what these outings are about.."

    Well i complain about upper teen fish, to me anything under 20 lbs. is small, some might think there each is own..but considering the venues of the Ohio CAG events, its expected and a given to catch loads of small carp. As for the 2nd part, then why is there even a plaque for "carp king" ? biggest carp of the events wins it..hmm. Oh thats right, the bankside chatter that we all go for...dang i guess i missed that with more than half the anglers in other locations....

    Quote...."Each location has been selected for sufficient bankspace for all to fish comfortably. It's the "being in sight" and bank side chatter of participants that builds the comraderie and excitement of a carping event."

    I think your idea is great AK, since most of the venues will give a great chance at shooting for this the biggest fish will only be caught at maybe 3 venues during the year.
    For the record i had 2 carp out of my "offical" 30 carp landed that were under 14" at i could have been in the running for biggest and smallest carp.
    I caught the 21lber around 10 mins before the offical start, i could have kept it on the hook in the water for that time, but didnt think twice about landing it quickly to be main goal is to catch fish, but also not to harm any fish while doing it too!!!

  13. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i'm gonna go for something under the 10inches range.. :D
    like i said before.. i just want to make this a fun thing.. whatever it takes to bring people interest and not scare them away is great with me..
    i can guarantee you that you will be proud to own my plague..
    by the way, i think there are alot of potential to catch something bigger than 21lbs at more than just 3 lakes.. all of our venues all have good amount of just have to find it..and make it happens..
  14. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    ...."all of our venues all have good amount of just have to find it..and make it happens.."

    I agree to a point, but the number of small carp WAY way over number the big fish in most of the venues, to catch a bigger carp you must fill up the smaller carp with chum and weed through them, lots of wasted time IMO.

    Im excited about Westbranch, i talked a bit with Richie E. and he said the avg. there goes up to 18-25 lbs....which is a big jump from EH's avg. size. I would set my personal goal for that event to 40 carp...but seeing as its a short event and only friday night counting its not going to be a long event like EH. I think its only 3pm friday - 7pm saturday.

    Im going to only hit the WB, CAGI, Alum crk. and COSI events this year and keep the rest of the time to fish the OCC events and pursuing bigger fish elsewhere.

    I think the other CAG States have the right idea and they try to keep there events at big fish waters, i know Ohio has way more to offer than 20ish lb fish being our biggest for events. They certainly show what thier state has to offer, look at Texas and the offical CAG ATC tourney each year..would sure love to see that type of event come to an Ohio waterway, but so far none of the lakes here have proved worthy of such attention....but then again isnt Towne Lake really a section of river thats damed up like O'Shy or Griggs?....ahh..rivers...hmmmm

    Its the last day of off to the river,
  15. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned


    Perhaps there was a reason everyone was hanging at other parts of the harbor

    Ok....back to silence now.
  16. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Thought I might add that I'm sorry that the fish-in's are a waste of your time. Sorry there are no bigger fish. And that you are more than welcome to fish other locations during the events. I won't beg you or force you to attend anymore. And the average at West Branch. Might as well complain about that too after this event. 300+ fish were landed during 4 days last year. The biggest was 24 lbs landed late Sunday afternoon. The biggest of the event was only 18 lbs. you....that is small.'s the largest area that everyone can fish together at West Branch, so deal with it. Or....go to a secluded spot and fish alone. So, just giving you a heads up....wouldn't want you to waste your $$ on gas and baits again. And for the record.......the area we are fishing is less than 1/4 mile long, so with 25 guys in there, it will be shoulder to shoulder. You should have plenty of bankside chatter this time :D
  17. These silent jabs are what keeps me from attending events... :(
    I would not want to be torn from sitting with HIM or sitting and talking to HIM and be grouped one way or another...
    If we can't act like adults and grown up on these forums I'd hate to be part of a group that can't even fish together...:confused:

    Anyone want to pre-fish WB I have a little time... I amy attend this event now due to my funds being low and turkey hunting may not hap'n this spring during that time frame...

    PLEASE don't send me any PM's concerning my thoughts posted here if anyone has something to add/say post it here where we all can read it... I am not stupid and can see that there is friction here and really don't care to be part of it one way or another... I would have hated to attend the EH event and have to look for everyone when they all should have been together
    IMO that is what an event should be like :)
  18. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned


    They were together. The area we fish there is 1/2 mile long. People spread out over that. West branch on the other less than 1/4 mile long at the East Ramp. You know where I'm talking about. There is ample opportunity to chat bankside. That's what alarms are for. People do and will walk to talk to one another. Personally, I didn't visit with Scott for personal reasons. That is my choice. Others may have felt the same way.....but that is up to them to decide or talk about, not me. I fished my location, and visited with others around me. Again, my choice. We had the cookout. The only one not to attend was Scott. It was a 200 yard walk from his fishing area. We were there for nearly 2 hours chatting and having a great time. You will only have the bankside chatter if you are willing to participate in that. I'm not going to speak for everyone.....but I'm tired of making it to look like my fault all the time. The group as a whole decides where and when to fish these just have to show up to the Alum Creek event to participate in this. Everyone had a great time at Dillon last year. Biggest carp of the event was only 11 lbs. Did everyone think that was bad? NO......the 1st thing that came out of everyones mouth during the scheduling this year was "let's go back to Dillon". If you want to have events at Oshay, Griggs, up to the alum event and speak your mind. Otherwise.....don't complain about where the events are being held.

    Now you know why I lay low on this board, and "leech" nowdays. Regardless of what we try to do with the is always wrong I just don't understand how we can't have a good thing going in ohio, and our events are in the wrong locations.......when the membership decides where to fish? Doesn't make sense to me.

    Guess I'll go back into hiding now, and continue to fish for small fish this year. Man.......what a waste........
  19. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Amen me someone(and others to scared to say it) hear ya loud and clear.

    Didnt want to talk to me face to face, thats cool, i would have told ya anything i'd say on here right to ya..i dont have to hide or take a "break" even though ive been asked serveral times by "high ups" to do so.
    Its all BS in my opinion....if anyone has something to say and they wont say it in person, then letting fly on the board, or get over it...if someone has personal issues.spill it or forget it, plain and simple.
    Hey i went to make amends and talk to everyone, i still chatted with those around me, offered help everytime landing fish that it was needed, even loaned my catapult to those who broke theres...and i did it anytime and will continue too. I was man enough to sit right at the main entrance of the "normal" area everyone fishes...i did not run and hide or avoid for the cookout..when you called over the 2-way at 4pm that it was ready, i caught 5 fish in the time my buddy Dave went to get food and chat with others....i had some very nice fish during that time. Oh and you forgot Jake did not go either, we were catching fish and haveing fun and were not hungary as we brough a cooler full of food.
    Once my rods are in the water, they only come out to land a fish, change baits or rel them in to go home....remember if the events are just to be social, you should keep them closer to central ohio and make the drives more equal for everyone....or skip the fish-ins and have everyone meet somewhere for dinner and drinks.

    Shawn(since were going to CALL out names), the only problem with some of these venues is some take your word(as the CAG Ohio CHAIRMAN) as gold and trust what you say about a water...not truelly knowing if you've personally fished it or know or seen pictures of catches from there. Also since we are going to go into this type of topic....if the "Fish-Ins" are about being bankside, having fun...and you frown on competition, ect...then why is there a "Carp King" plaque...that is IF big fish are not the goal?????????

    Why not just set up a list of events and let anglers fish...what ever is caught is caught!

    Also, how can you generate memberships when all the events are open to non-CAG members, i understand to get them interested, but theres no insintive to join if they can fish all the events for only takes them out of the CARP KING plaque running????? Why not have maybe 2 events open to anyone and they rest open to CAG members only? I have read a lot on how the other states do it an they are CAG only events.....but then again, like the Indy guys, they give out awards and such each event.

    Also since ya got me held a raffle last year for gear that was donated, it was open again to anyone wanting to purchase is the money made off of these tickets going into the CAG Ohio fund for our events, if so what...or was it given to the main CAG group??????

    As a paid 3 year member, i'd like to know.

  20. Definitely wouldn't bother going all the way out to West Branch if you only want big fish...last year Bambi and I caught around 20 fish in 8 hrs...but none were over 17 lbs. However...none were under 10 lbs either...and we had a great time. Sure, there are a lot of bigger fish in there, but you sure do have to weed through a lot of "smaller" ones, and as usual the bigger fish seem to come before and after the event. I expect a lot more to attend this year if the weather is nice...since last year it was wet and soggy and still well attended. If that's the case, bankspace will likely be tight, as we had to squeeze into a spot last year. I'd still love to go regardless...but doubt that I'll be able to make it up there.

    A quick note on selecting venues for the outings...can't really complain because it's been a group decision. In my opinion, I'd rather let everyone, including those new to carping, have a shot at catching some fish...even if that means loads of smaller fish. And the idea of excluding non-CAG people would be completely detrimental to everything we are trying to my mind that would just make us seem like an even more exclusive group than we already appear to be at times.

    As far as all the bickering and bantering goes...I'm done with all of that and refuse to contribute to any of it anymore (after this post, of course :D ). I'll stick with posting fishing reports, as well as giving and asking advice on carp fishing...I've got nothing against anyone and I'll just ignore the threads that irk me. Catch you all on the bank...