A "Moocher Reel"?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by fishon, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Seen these "new style" of reels under the centerpin section on Cabela's..

    can some explain this reel or have any experience with this real???


  2. Big water salmon trolling. Essentially a very heavy version of the centerpin reels that folks use in the great lakes tribs for steelhead. They are popular in salt water and deep european lakes.

    These reels fall somewhere between a centerpin reel and a heavy salmon fly reel, where the spool can be put into a free-spool mode for letting out line. They can hold very large quantities of heavier line and is very reliable due to a 1:1 retrieve and not many moving parts. The lack of parts make it easy to service as well. They are paired with mooching rods, which are long and stiff.

    Just another piece of equipment to spend money on...

  3. mooching reels are not the same as centerpin reels. conceptually, yes, they work the same, but functionally, no. I played with one of these reels over on the east coast this summer. The mooching reel is too big and clunky to really be used as a centerpin. The startup of the reel was atrocious when compared to a centerpin. The spool wobbled and wouldn't keep spinning without help. I would stay away from them myself. I think the brand was daiwa or something like that. while i'm sure there are better reels out there, i would save my money for a real centerpin. you can find good deals on ebay from time to time. look for a raven or an okuma to save some money.
  4. Thank You!

    CRaig from Erie Outfitters was kind enought to spend about 10minutes of his time explaining down to a tee for me... Again... Thanks for the imput and i see that i will not be needing nor wanting one....