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A MILLION Dollars!!!!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by iteech, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    Don't know if anyone saw it, but I was reading the the new "Time" magazine this afternoon and saw a blurb about a bass fishing contest somewhere in Arkansas--didn't say where--but it was called the "Forrest Wood Cup" tourney. Never heard of it. Anyway--the grand prize was $1 million dollars, for most pounds of LMB caught over a two-day period. Now get THIS: the WINNER--I swear, the guy who took a cool million home--had a cumulative 17 pounds--with 7 bass!!!! No, that is not a misprint. That's only 7 bass in two days, each an average of only a bit over 2 pounds!!! I nearly dropped my teeth. That must be one WHALE of a hard lake to fish. Most people on this forum have caught more pounds of bass than that in ONE TWO-HOUR EVENING. I did better than that just a few nights ago, I fished from 6-8pm, and I caught 5 bass that I promise you weighed more than 17 pounds total. And that seemed a little slow to me--averaged only one bass every half-hour or so. :p Man! Maybe we should move to Arkansas...looks like if you can actually fish, you'll get rich!!!:D
  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    haha...where do I sign up... boy it would be nice to live in a place like that...with all the cattin' I do, I could be a celebrity...:D

  3. Yeah doesn't seem like much weight but we have all had days where the bite was tough..and I don't care who you are it happens. I have seen numerous tournaments won with less than 10 lbs, everywhere from florida to Ny to Wisconsin, I still would have liked to enter :D
  4. Did you guys watch Bassmasters Saturday morning? The guy who won had his five fish by something like 9 am. He had so much weight that no one could catch him. He decided to go back to the dock and have breakfast because the only way he could lose was to break down. It was a four day tourney.
  5. On Bassmasters that was Skeet Reese I believe. Or Tim Horton one of the two.
  6. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    It was Tim Horton!!
  7. i went to a farm pond near by and within an hour i caught ten bass and the stringer with all of them on weighed 40lbs
  8. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    I didn't keep track of the pounds this weekend but Friday-Monday night 2 hours each night from 8pm-10pm I caught 34 lm bass in 4 days total.

    I don't have a boat but if anyone wants to go for the shot at $1mil Im game to go.
  9. CCRiley2

    CCRiley2 Bass-turd

    What was the entry fee?
  10. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    It didn't say. I wondered that too--I also wonder where in Arkansas that was. I'm gonna try to find out...
  11. it was on lake ouachita and it was scott suggs
  12. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

  13. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters

    Most of the Entry Fees for the FLW tour are $3,000 for a boater and $800 as a nonboater. I fish in the FLW, but fish the BFL and Stren Series tournament. They are $800 for boater $300 for nonboater in Stren and $200 for boater and $100 for boater in BFL

    They don't pay out a Million Dollars though.