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A LOT of fishing tackle:

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by BottomBouncer, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Before I make I list of everything, I just want to see if anyone is interested. If so, then I'll take inventory and break down exactly what is included. Here is a rough idea though:

    Rapala crankbaits, Bomber crankbaits, Smithwick Rogues, various strike king jigs and spinnerbaits(titanium and regular), TONS of soft plastics(some never used).........a lot of the stuff has not been used, one stowaway box with just about every hook you might need for anything......from trebles to bluegill/crappie to EWG worm hooks to jigs of different size/color, beads/blades/etc. to make harnesses, vib-es, .....there's a lot more.

    Also, a few rod/reel combos.....baitcasters(bass & catfish) and spinning reels/rods.

    All tackle will be organized and in a stowaway box. EASY several hundred in lures.

    Any interest? I will be able to post pictures and post them in a few days....
  2. catfishcraig


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    good luck anybody that has come to me from this site that wanted to buy tackle has wasted my time and not come through

  3. Yeah.....I've noticed that....not on here.....but selling things through the dispatch classifieds.

    I don't need to sell any of this stuff........the majority has not been used or hardly used......some stuff would be in the package now if it didn't take up so much room in the tackle box. It just sits here or in storage.
  4. captnroger

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    well why don't you try posting some inventory and asking price? I'm sure that would help.
  5. DaleM

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    Catfish, not sure where your coming from? I've bought and sold everything from lures to a Honda quad on here and have never had a problem buying or selling.
    As Roger said make a list with prices and pictures if possible and you'll be surprised what sells.
  6. There is is a start:

    9) bitsy bugs
    4) strike jigs(black and black/blue...2 each)
    3)bucktail jigs
    2) reef runner cranks
    2) shad-r's
    4) #5 shad raps
    1) castaic soft swim bait
    2) packs 4" slider lizards salt/pepper fire, black neon/chart
    1) mad mans small size
    4) Zoom 6" lizard: cherryseed, black/chart, tomatoe, junebug/chart
    2) Zoom 4" lizard: chart/pumpkin, junebug
    9) packs tubes, mostly zoom and cabin creek
    2) packs Berkeley micro tubes, pink shad
    1) Culprit 7.5" chart worm
    1) Culprit lizard red shad
    1) Culprit 6" worm crawdad
    2) Zoom finesse purple passion, black
    2) Zoom U-tale motoroil/chart, teq. sunrise
    1) Zoom fluke whitepearl
    1) Creme black worm
    1) Zoom swimmin' chunk saph. blue
    2) Zoom super chunk pumpkin, rootbeer/pep green
    2) Zoom tiny salty chunk black, blue
    1) Zoom super chunk jr. black/red glitter
    Venom craw trailer
    Various grubs
    Berkeley 4" worm-pumpkin & 4" dropshot, pearl watermelon/shad
    One Stowaway with various different hooks/jigs
    Diving Yo-Zuri clown color
    Jointed floating rapala firetiger
    4 Rattlin Rogues
    5 Husky Jerks
    Jimmy Houston Super Spook, shad color
    3) #9 shad diving shad raps
    2) small rattlin' raps
    2) baby torpedos
    1) jitter bug
    6) bomber deep cranks
    10+ spinnerbaits
    5 vib-e's

    Other stuff I know I have that is in storage: materials to make harnesses, other crankbaits, softplastics, etc.

    Lots more......some is in storage.....

    $175 I'll list the rest when I can get to storage.....
  7. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

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    I think I've probally sold/bought more than anyone on here & I find that these are some of the best buyers/sellers & most friendly people you will find. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to keep updated on your PM's & not want or expect to get the same prices for your used stuff as you could go buy new stuff for.

    BB..... What kind of Cat combos do you have? I need to get a couple lighter action rods for channel cats. Probally something rated up to 3 oz or so.
  8. williambauman


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    What kind of spinning reel/rod combos and how much?
  9. Cat combos: garcia 6500/catmaxx m/h rod
    garcia 6500 Trophy collection musky/ catmaxx m/h
    both have 30 gamakatsu G-Line(new)
    $80 for reg. 6500 combo
    $95 for Trophy combo

    Spinning combos: Garcia center drag/berkeley lightening rod med action
    $45 w/ extra spool....i think i still have box
    Quantum spinning reel/BPS 6'6" ultra light 2 piece rod

    Baitcaster combos: Quantum Accurist/FLW 6'6" rod reel has flippin' switch
    Shimano Curado 201/All Pro 6' heavy rod. may still have
    box for reel.
  10. crappielooker

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    BB.. you oughtta keep some of the spinning reels for some lightweight fishing.. ;)
  11. I'm not selling EVERYTHING I have........just the stuff I don't use anymore or have never used...... I think we all know that a lure sometimes looks better on a shelf/rack than in the water.

    I also used to be able to use my boat and spent more time trolling and bass fishing. Well, gf wrecked the truck and now there is nothing to pull it with.....
  12. fishb8t


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    when you get around to it. i would like to hear about your stuff to make harnesses. if you have a camera....just take a pic and post it. that would be the easy way to GET-R-DONE. lol.
  13. crpngdth2001


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    Sent a PM on some of the crankbaits if you are willing to split them up.
  14. All fishing tackle has been SOLD. Combos are still available.