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A little insight

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by fisharder, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. fisharder

    fisharder fisharder

    I have read a lot of postings complaining about the river. The low water levels and the clear water.Well here is something to look forward to. In 1988 we had a summer just like this one.It was hot and dry all summer long it was worse than this summer. The up side to the sorry weather was the water levels stayed consistence and as a result the fish hatch was very good.The following 5 years were some of the best I can remember for fishing.I am hopeing for a repete and if history is any judge we should get it.
  2. That is exactly what I keep telling myself. The one thing that has been consistant is that anything that I have caught has been FAT! Also I've been amazed at, not only the shad hatch, but all the other fry in the river. I'll be excited to see what the next couple three years will bring!

  3. Champion188 Elite

    Champion188 Elite Smallie slayer

    I beleive your RIGHT ON!

    I can remember the summer of 88' well and yes the river was fantastic the next few years.I caught more fish in the early 90's from the river than you can imagine.
    The spawn this year looks fantastic,millions of baitfish and big numbers of 3" smallies.Those little smallies follow your bait all the way to the boat nipping at it along the way.Lets hope that in a couple years it will be good again for a while.
    Actually it has been getting better,last couple trips have produced solid keepers.
  4. the next few years should be incredible, the numbers of young o the year white bass, sauger, hybrids, black bass, even stripers, through the roof. we just have to release enough of the smaller saugers so they can grow
  5. I just hope we don't get any huge floods that hurt the young of everything . But yes if it is anything like 88 it should be fun for the next few years .
  6. I'm sure that it has been a welcome break from all of the muddy water for the fish as well.

    Since mid-June (or before), the Big O has been one big clear water lake.

    Even though the fishing has been a little tougher than normal, it has been a pleasure to be on this summer.

    So, those are smallies that are chasing the plugs like they think that it's their mother!

    Here's hoping that you are right on your predictions.