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  1. I got a bass raider this year and have spent a lot of time on alum creek, but not had very much luck. As I was shorefishing before I always fished for catfish. That is all I've had luck with there. I've been trolling for muskie, casting for muskie. Trolling and casting for saugeye. I even have been out with this guy dick moore, who's caught a lot of muskie, but nothing is working for me. I no longer have a fishfinder, so I'm just going and blindly trying. I can't get too far from any of the boat ramps, because I'm on trolling motor and battery. If anyone has any spots or suggestions on how to get either of these fish on the lake or in the spillway, I would appreciate it. for muskie I've tried jakes, dicks, lil ernies and kickin minnows. for saugeye i use orange 1/8 oz jig heads and chart twister tales and vibees and a blue and white rapala taildancer.
  2. right now in the fall, just go up there and thow spinner baits and buzzbait in really bright colors like chartruese and white or yellow. just bass fish and you will catch a musky or see some follow you into the boat. also throw some husky jerks, that will catch bass, musky, or eyes. i really dont ever catch any eyes on alum so i cant say about those. i just bass fish and see alot of musky everytime and sometimes catch them

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    I know very little about Muskies but i've seen 3 live baitfish (warmouth & bluegills) severed in half by Muskies while Catfishing on the bottom in 5-15 feet of water this week at Alum. Just an FYI.
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    fish jighead tipped with nightcrawler on main lake points for suageye, drag bottom slowly..
  5. well thank you everyone for the advice I'm gonna go tomorrow evening, hopefully the full moon will give me a little assistance. I'm just gonna fish for everything and see what ends up in the boat
  6. got small boat i suggest you go to howard road ramp fish are all over the area white bass,crappies,muskies,saugeyes,catfish,bass throw jig like you are throwing chartruese is on fire right now for all fish on Alum. You can fish a ton of different depths and contours as well as cover up there all a short distance from ramp without all the crazy's blowing by. Good fishing. Crappies were on fire tonight as well as the whities!!
  7. I've never been up there I'll have to try it. Tomorrow I'm going to set in at cheshire fish the coves and try the shalebed. We'll see how it goes, but I will definitely try that area next time. I've heard some of the best fishing is up there. Ive never really been run over by the dam or cheshire though I've been rocked around a little though. Nice bunch of crappy and white bass by the way fishslim
  8. well got my first saugeye and a nice catfish, that was it. But I was glad to have a couple of fish to show this time. I'll have to post them when I get the chance
  9. Slippy,

    I talked to you at the boat ramp yesterday, im glad to hear you boated a saugeye. I was about 75 yards from you and I got 2 saugeye. Nothen to brag about both were under 15 inches. I was using a vibee for the first and a jig for the second. I must tell you if you take up saugeye fishing you will realize that its about the most frustrating time consuming head pounding hobby you could ever have. There have been days that I boat 15 saugeyes in 2 hours and a week later cant get 2. However, on the other hand thats why I play the game because I cant figure it out on a regular basis.

    Anyway, if you want to come out on my boat anytime give me a ring I fish about 5 days a week.
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    Yeah, Saugeye are pretty crazy. I tried pretty much everything i was told (jig+grub, jig tipped with minnow, trolled cranks, trolled crawler harnesses, casted and trolled erie dearies with worm on them, minnow under bobber.... anything) and it took a good 3 weeks and 20+ lost jigs to get ahold of one. In the course of doing so, I hooked and lost 4 muskies, and landed one :D

    Saugeye: More elusive than muskie lol.
  11. I have found that jigging with a piece of crawler and using your trolling motor directionally provides the best oppurtunity for sucess. I am talking pre turnover period. After the turnover most evrything works if you hit patterns right. I usually run the trolling motor about .4 to .7 mph. This is not what I call trolling because I still have rod in hand because the bites are quick and finicky. As fishslim mentioned jig and twister is deadly I have seen him boat Saugeyes from the bank doing this.
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    I went to Alum with St. slippy when he boated his 1st Saugeye. He got 2 saugeyes and a 20" channel catfish. I only had been to Alum Creek few times and often went home with empty cooler. Anyone up for Alum saugeye 10/16 ?
  13. chef,

    I will be out today around 3:00 if you and slippy want to come along on my boat thats cool with me. I will tell you that I am not a relaxed fisherman and I change stadegies often. We just recieved are first major cold front and that could help or hurt the fishing. After a few days this cold front should help push the eyes in.

    Let me know