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  1. Guys/gals, I need some prayers from ya. we had a karting accident in our yard last weekend injuring my youngest pretty good. The chain and sprocket drove across her rear thigh. Kinda messy. Childrens in Dayton have been great for us. Its infected good now so they had to open it back up. Mom and her will be there tonight while Im here with my oldest. Im only asking for those of you to just think of her, and hope this time it goes better. Infections are hard to control. I know there doing there best. Please just keep her in prayers for me. Thanks for your time and just reading this Glenn
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    i will send some good thaughts her way for a speedy full recovery.

  3. My prayers are going out for your entire family, but especially for your daughter. Hoping for a complete recovery in the shortest possible time.
  4. Prayers on the way for your daughter & the rest of the family. Hope everything is back to normal soon.
    Keep the faith,
  5. Prayers and good thoughts on my end to your family! Keep the faith buddy!
  6. Glenn, your family is in my prayers!
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    hope all goes well Glenn..
  8. Thanks guys, We realy needed this. Shes home now and feeling better. We'll have a nurse come in twice a day to clean the wound out and re-dress it. We cant come to ourselves to do this part. Its pretty painful for her and it hurts us to see her in pain.With all this happening during the week I have found out who my true friends are around home. Ive got quite a few I never knew about!! Again thank you all. I knew there were some in here with great faith. Glenn
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    Glad to hear things are taking a good turn. Good luck Glenn....;) Think about you and Bubba all the time....:) THE CATKING !!!
  10. Good to hear from you Rick. Havent seen Bubba or a few others for awhile. With work, and now Im coaching peewee football, Ive not had alot of time to fish anymore. I plan to take my boat and redo it. Had it sold twice but people backed out. Oh well I guess it was meant to stay here no matter what. Good to hear your still out there. Glenn