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  1. Any body that can help on this 1, please reply, I believe that the Maumme and Sandusky and all those rivers flo from north to south. Correct me if im wrong, but Ithought all that water is leaving Erei comming south, not flowing north into the big pond. Any reply would help . Thanks
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    Hope you didn't bet too much...! :D

  3. Sorry, you're worng they both flow in to eire
    They flow south to north.
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    I believe that there was a thread a lot like this a while ago. Somebody posted a great map that showed the cut-off point in Ohio for which rivers flow north and which ones flow south.
  5. it flows northeast toward erie.
    the city of uppersandusky is called that because it is the upperheadwaters of the sandusky river. Yet its way south of lake erie.
    Around Mad river Mountain is the dividing line everthing north flows north. South south. Thats why alot of northern ohio lakes dont have saugeye stocked in them because they would empty into lake erie and interbreed and mess up the pure walleye strain there.

    so acutually all the great lakes water flows north east out to the ocean through the st.laurence seaway that divides the US and canada.
  6. ok, you gotta go to the front of the class now and LISTEN! :) there is a "divide" somewhere in northern ohio, kinda like the "great divide" where at one point the waters flow north into erie and the rest flows basically south into the ohio river. try this link and remember..always...always google before betting!
  7. Big Joshy, are you saying I lost that bet, and its all flowing to the big pond?
  8. Hey Bruce do you take checks?
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    Both flow to lake erie, NORTH!

    Roughly 2/3 of ohio flow to Ohio River, the last 1/3 flow north towards erie, remember, roughly!

    PS-you lost
  10. I still find it hard to fathom that our rivers flow into Erie, but the masses have spoken, and I was wrong. So our bet was who ever won, gives the losser there saugeye at the hole wasnt it?
  11. The only river that I know of that flows out of Erie is the Niagara.
    I cannot believe you made that bet. Your friend ought to be ashamed.
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    I won that same bet years ago. I wonder where people get that info.? I think most of the people who live somewhere other than great lakes states, think that is true. I guess, don't believe everything you read.
  13. Add me to list list of dummys in OH that thought all rivers here flowed south :p Ya learn something new every day on this site ;)
  14. Okay, that one I didn't know. Of course I have never been there so that helps explain why.;) Having been to the Maumee and the Sandusky certainly helped me know that answer. So guys not knowing that one is excusable if they have never been there.:p
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    Not to be condescending...but the Niagra river does form a rather large water fall and well, you know the rest...! :rolleyes: :D
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    If they didn't where would Erie get it's water from??? The Detroit and Maumee I believe provide the most water to Erie out of all the rivers. I'm not betting anyone :D but is that correct?
  17. I thought we decided long ago that Saugeye were sterile and couldn't reproduce so how would they mess up the Walleye strain? It wouldn't make sense for the DNR to continue to breed them if natural reproduction took place.That makes no sense.

    That list just got one person longer because I ASSUMED that all rivers flowed North to South. :eek: I guess my fishing teacher ;) never told me that information. I wonder if it's to late to get a refund. :D
  18. Wait! Never mind! I have been to Niagara Falls. Now that I think about how it was there I guess I would have figured that one out.:D:D I was actually typing this correction when Rodney had to so politely point that out.:p However, there are several rivers up to the east that I have never been on and would not have known the answer to. (Rocky, Chagrin, Cuyahoga, etc.)

    I think I saw a map at some point that detailed the stream flows and which river system they flowed in to. I don't remember which site it was from. I am thinking it was one of the Corps of Engineers site or something like that. It was interesting as it showed the small tributaries and what all flowed each way into the systems (Muskingum, Scioto , etc.) The closest I came up with quickly is this listing of streamflows and it is broken apart by Ohio River Basin and Great Lakes Basin.

    Real-Time Data for Ohio_ Streamflow
  19. Actually they all flow downhill.:D:p
  20. I guess I just figured downhill was generally South. :eek: I really need to get my refund from my fishing teacher. :D