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Saturday-went out to my uncle's farm pond and didn't make it past the first pond outta 5...the fish were on fire...most around 10-14"...I began using small bass assasin minnows(black and white peppered flake) and was doing well...soon though the fishing began to slow down...changed to senko style baits and silkworms and couldn't keep them off the hook. For those of you who ordered the free Alabama lakes stuff...wow...immediately when I dipped the bait in the water I could see the scent coming off it...I was fishing them(senkos) with a jig head or freely with just a hook(proved to be best in the murkier water) Overall, by far out of Berkley Gulp, Zoom baits, and Alabama Lakes, the Alabama performed...Weather was overcast and about 78 degrees...
Bass Assasin-several largemouth, 2 rockbass, 1 crappie, 2 bluegill
Zoom baits 4" metallic blue and white belly-4 Largemouth
Senko(Alabama)-at least 10+ largemouth
Struck out with the Berkley Gulp red and black senko/worm thingie
Black and red silkworm-3 largemouth

Sunday-tried the next 2 ponds over and found the fish to be much much more picky on an 80 degree plus day with lots of sun...fished all of the above baits again and I'm officially out of Alabama Lakes Samples...the lizard is eaten, the senkos thrown off my jig heads, ok I still have the frog and goofy thing...that was the only disappointment in those baits...durability...However, as the day grew hotter and the sun higher the fish began shutting down, but then I switched to a 5" Zoom bait same color as above and fished it weightless(the body itself is heavy enough to keep it just below the surface)with a baitholder size 4 hook threaded just like a jig head...the action of the bait was next to none and the largemouth would kill it right under the water when I was coming near or overtop a distinctive weed bed...it was fun to watch em come to the top then just swallow that thing whole...funny side note...sometimes crappie don't know how big they are as I had one only about twice the size of the 5" bait swallow it whole! I'll take some pics of my current baits, if you guys want, also found the zoom baits to be effective for saugeye early in the morning in summer...but that's another story!

P.S. When you hear large splashes around the corner and think you're about to throw for the largemouth of your life, make sure it's not deer jumping in the water(sigh) I'll have some pics of the baits and of the avg size of the fish I was catching up when I'm off work...TIGHT LINES!
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