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A Good Day

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bigun, May 28, 2007.

  1. I just have to start a thread and brag about my day. Today started with my wife and I going to spring valley, She sat with me and watched and talked to me while I sited in my bow. Then we went and she carried my arrows while I shot the course at spring valley. After that we ate lunch and went for a hike. WHile we were driving between the archery range and where we were going to hike I saw a wild rooster pheasant, walking the road in the hunting area. We went for a hike along the little miami and during our hike kicked up a nice doe. she came up about 20 yards from where we were walking and made our morning / afternoon worth the walking and sweating. We spent a few hours at home then we went to my buddies wedding reception. Open bars are cool and wives who are willing to drive you home and take care of you while you have a nice buzz are even cooler.
    To sum up I got to shoot my bow, saw a nice rooster pheasant and a nice doe and got a nice buzz, all the while spending time with my best friend (My wife) and alot of other friends that are very dear to me. Good Times, good night all.