A good day in the stripmines

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  1. Went to the stripmines with my buddy today. Hit the water about 1:30 pm and fished til dark. First pond didnt do too well in only caught 2 apiece. Moved on to another pond not too far away about 5 and ended up with an easy total of 30+. Most of the fish were "keepers" about a pound or so. Only took one home because it was deeply hooked and wouldnt have lived. Caught most of em on 4" purple power worms, but they were hitting buzzbaits pretty well right before dark. Looks like things are finally turning on up there.

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    Good job! Sounds like a blast.

  3. and what's the location of the strip mines???
  4. Hey Blaine Fred,

    The stripmines are AEP lands which stretch from Caldwell OH to around McConnellsville OH. There are literally hundreds of ponds and lakes to fish. Wonderful bass and bluegill fishing, also some cats, and I've heard of crappies up there, but I've never caught any. We we catching bass Sunday evening. You can google AEP (Allegheny Electric Power) and get maps, permission slips, etc...... I hope this helps

    Check it out!

    Blessings !!!
    Hope this helps. I encourage you to che
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    American Electric Power.

    HERE is the site where you can get all the permits and maps and stuff you need. Also, there's a little grocery store in Cumberland called Gracies where you can get that stuff. Its on Main St (The one street that runs East/West (SR 146?)) just east of SR 83.
  6. OOOOOPS!!!!!

    My bad ! OSU Fisherman is right. Allegheny Power is what my electric at home is. Sorry for the slip-up.

    By the way, I'm heading back up there in the morning, so I'll try to post my results before I head to Charleston for a conference in the evening.

    Wish me luck

    Blessings !
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    Good luck man. I will definitely be interested in your results. I'd love to get down there one more time before I head back up to college (Ohio State).
  8. Made it back to AEP this morning. Thought it would be a great morning. Guess I was wrong. Fished one pond didn't do too hot. Moved to the one that we fished Sunday and it was pretty slow too. They turned on for a while then shut off pretty well again. We ended up boating about 20. Most again were around 1 pound or so. Caught most of 'em on pumpkinseed tubes.

    The waters still pretty warm, but these cold nights will fix that in short order.

    My advice is-------GO GET 'EM!!!!!!!

    Blessings !!!!!!!