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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by sevenx, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Got up early yesterday and met up with a buddy for some time on the water. He had a plan when we met up and with my luck as bad as it has been I simply said you lead the way my friend. We loaded up the truck and the cat and made for the river. We got to the water and had the boat in and rigged in no time. We hit an area with alot of rocky banks good looking water, I started to throw a sneaky pete with no interest. Next choice was a cheartruse and white clouser thinking the were eating the baitfish. No luck so Andy handed me a black leach with a weighted head and said "give this one a shot, fish it deep" Naturally I looked at him with doubt as I am the greatest angler in the world and need help from no one. Well I think it was my second cast I hooked up with nice little channel cat. I allways forget how hard the river cats pull compaired to the pond cats. Feisty and real purrty. Now that I have been humbled and reminded that I am a mere mortal afterall, I proceed to catch several more nice 1-2 lb channels. I took over rowwing the cat so Andy could get a shot. Not such a good day for Andy;). we hit a flat holding some nice carp but managed no hook ups. We them moved into a little bay. I took over the casting deck again and bam. A nice healthy LM bass. about 2lbs I'd guess give or take a 1lb or 2. Very good looking healthy fish and fiesty. Andy reclaimed the casting deck at this point and managed to hook and monster 8" smallie. She was short but she was fat and mean, very mean. We started to head for the take out and I once again was up on deck. I managed another nice little cat which really put the screws to me. All in all a trip out for smallies turned into a great day of flyrod cats with a bonus lm to round out a fantastic day on the water. Thanks for the fly Andy........, and no you can't have it back, S

    PS Ronnie sorry I did not get back to you we changed our plans at the last minute and I did not have time to post. Hope you had a great day. S
  2. Sounds like you had an interesting time. That's what I love about fishing...you never know what you might catch...even on a flyrod. I fished a short stretch of the Blanchard River yesterday and got 9 smallies, 1 largemouth, a mess of rock bass, and the bonus was a nice channel cat.
    They really do know how to "put the screws" to you.
    Congratulations sevenx, thanks for sharing with us, glad you had a good day!

  3. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Thanks Z. It sure does feel good to shake off the rust and tough spring and find some fish. It was a great day on the water, just nice to be out there. I was hoping to find some smallies but only fished for them for about 20 min. before we focused on the cats. It was just to much fun. THey were hittin good and thats just hard to pass up. S