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i'd like to extend a get well soon to liquid tensions' 40hp motor. i hope the boys at atwood know what they are doing, so we can get back on the water quickly. ...guess i'll sharpen my hooks in the meantime.

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this really should be in boats/motors section... :p maybe someone should move it over there

but anyway heres what happened....

motor = 1999 Yammy F40 four stroke:

i went to portage the other night....
I backed in then started engine(first key turn :) .. thats a rarity.. choke problems) went to unhook winch, got back and noticed engine has stalled, cranked again and would not fire. Noticed gas smell and slick forming in water around engine area...popped off cover & all carbs were wet with
gas...no apparent drips forming, just covered with gas... I could
not see where it was coming from... turned key couple times and it
just cranked...did not sound like it was going to even fire...almost
like the kill switch was pulled off...let it sit for a couple minutes and
it fired up... then I noticed water cooling stream was weak and broken
up...stopped engine, raised and checked inlets... found nothing...
lowered engine and forced water into inlets with cupped hands...started
engine and stream was back to full.

I am at a loss on this one... ran for about an hour and a half and seemed ok other than low speed roughness/puffing as usual. This motor has a history of low speed rough/puffing just out of nuetral barely into the throttle (i.e. no wake speed)... i had mechanic adjust rich/lean on all 4 carbs and readjust idle speed.... he richened them all up... got rid of hesitation and roughness and puffing sounds coming back thru carbs. Now this condition is apparent again.

Upon inspecting the engine in the driveway i can see nowhere, where the gas was coming from, everthing was dryed up and back to usual. Noticed on bottom of oil filter, milky oil toward bottom of seal ... :eek:

The "boys at atwood" are certified on Yammys and i have faith in they will fix it right and they have a lake at thier disposal to make (loaded) test runs on, not just in a barrel of water or muffs.

shouldda got that extented warranty..... :eek: if anyone has a yammy 4-stroke pm me and i'll explain rich/lean adjustment screw location... THEY ARE HIDDEN from consumers (at least on this motor)

sorry so long winded...but when you shell out close to $5000 and some conditions keep re-occuring one tends to get p***ed off..... i should only have to do basic points service on this thing and basic winterizing without having to worry about adjustments every other year.... whens the last time you adjusted your cars rich/lean..... i've only had to do that once and it was on my camaros 350 replacement after the rebuild !

Rant over...... :mad:
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