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A fun Morning at Delaware

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by LoweBoat, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. I went to Delaware this morning looking for Crappie. I hit a couple of my old honey holes. As usual the fish were there but no size to them. I caught about 50 of them in about an hour. It was fun because I was catching fish instead of just sitting there. I did manage to catch 12 keepers.
    I caught most of them on either minnows or nightcrawlers suspended under a bobber. I had some success using a 1/32 oz jighead with pumpkin seed twister tail.

  2. how deep were you fishin up there in delaware, how deep of water, or any type of structure to those, rocks, wood, weeds?

  3. Danshady.
    Most of the time I was in 8' - 10' FOW. All fish were caught near or in downed wood and brush.
  4. thanks, ive been wanting to get up there, for a change, from hoover and alum!
  5. Danshady,
    Go early morning on these hot days. Delaware doesn't have a good bite when it gets hot out.

  6. ive waited out he weekend ill b hittin up delaware and oshay this week when the waters are more calm!!!!!