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    This is from an outing on the first of December. Took a lot longer than I expected to get the pictures put up, but here they are. This big hen measured 33.5". I guestimated 14lbs. Maybe someone could give me a good estimate? She was so fat that i could barely brace her in the pics, especially since my left hand was in a cast. I'd love to catch her again when she's filled with eggs! :D



    Just for reference, my boot measured 13 1/4 inches, and doesnt even make up to the half way point on her body.
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    Nice fish....I'd say 14 is definately in the ballpark, especially if she was loaded with eggs...

    Fish on...

    Dock Time

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    Thats a big o'l hen there broseph, to bad I got down there too late. I was just thinking something. We left the other spot right after I caught mine, and each fish we caught from there up until then was progressively larger than the last. Imagine what one more cast might have done...
  4. hey bigcats28,
    where did you catch that nice big steelhead at?? Thats a nice size! You should have mounted it!!