A few (very few) HawgFest pics.

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  1. I usually take a lot of pictures. I kept rather busy during the Fest, so I didn't bust out the camera as often as I wanted to, but...........

    Here is team GotOne pre-fishing on Friday. Steve ended up boating 42+ pounds of fish on Friday, including a 12.7 lber, a 9 lber, and a couple other hawgs.

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  2. Rugged Seahorse and Commadore64 pre-fishing on Friday

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  3. While me and Big Daddy were shooting the bull at The Plantation, there were a couple of eagles flying around, and another sat in a tree for a while.

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  4. liquidsoap

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    Cool pics!
    Looks like a blast!
    I will attend next year for sure!
  5. can't forget this one. Brother B on the left, me on the right, with Lundy and EZ Marc in the background.

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    What's funny is, I made the comment as Steve "Got one" was prepping his boat for launch... "That's a really big net you got there". To which he replied..."It's for big fish". Well, after seeing his catch for that day, now I know exactly what he meant...! :D
  7. And that was the first time that he had fished since we went out on July 5th.

    Nice way to get back into the swing of things, huh?