A fathers day tale...

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    here is the original email from a very proud sqeezebox (mama) that she sent out to family and friends when we got home...

    so anyway, we took kate fishin saturday evening.....she got bored since we
    only had two poles with us for three people. not to mention in three and a
    half hours the only thing we caught was a small sheephead (freshwater drum).
    so, we stopped at the store on the way home and decided to get her a pole of her own - not one of those kiddie toy snoopy poles, a real spinning combo.
    went out fishin this morning....on the pier with lines in the water by
    7:45am. nearly seven and a half hours later we left with fifteen yellow
    perch (it was pretty slow but willy and i caught pretty good sunburns).
    kate had a blast catching her first fish on her own - her own pole that she
    cast out (very well by the way), knew with no problem she had a bite, set
    the hook and landed it by herself. very proud of her (and impressed). she
    went on to catch her share, just as many as we did. her very first catch
    was the largest of our trip....11". well, largest jumbo perch.......we're
    not counting the sheephead she caught, and almost went over the side trying
    to bring in (that one was probably 8 - 10 pounds and she only weighs 66
    herself). here's a pic of Kate with her first fish.
    well, i think she's hooked. when it was time to pack it up and go, she
    wanted "just one more cast". 8)

    and my input:
    ...I think the pic says it all, I could'nt have asked for a better fathers day present 8)

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    I agree...doesn't get any better than that...and I think your right...she's hooked. Nice story!
  3. I had a fathers day moment;

    I went fishing after a great day cooking out with the family, (wife and two college age daughters). I did recieve a fifty dollar gift card from Gander Mt., But anyways, I went to Wingfoot,...nothing new there, but I've never been back to the old stumps by Jindra's Landing for 30 years. That was mine and my dads favorite place to fish. Well, I went to the lake early enough to row my toon from Copelands to the stumps. The wind was perfect for the row. I did stop and fish areas on my way. Picked up a small bass on my flyrod just before I got to Goodyear park.

    When I got back towards the stumps, many old memories came back to me. Dad past away in '95 at age 55. We both had been out of fishing for years as life was leading us all around, but I always thought there would be enough time to go back to the "old days"......the stumps were just as I remembered. I couldn't wait to get my plug next to them all. The sun was still high and the breeze was dying as evening was setting. (Copelands are sticklers about getting off the lake and gone by dark). But i finally made it back to the stumps....with plenty of time to fish and what apeared to be enough time to make the long row back.

    As I was remenising old memories, I looked to the sky and saw two hot air balloons, .....more memories. One was higher than I've ever seen one before. Just then I remembered it was Fathers Day. A tear came to my eye as I though of all the times we spent in those stumps, and the beauty of the setting went to my heart. I changed plugs after a few dozen casts, then hooked into the biggest bass I've ever caught. The fight was great. Dad would have loved it! I caught one more before I started back.

    I was smiling the whole row in. I made it back to Copelands bay with enough daylight to catch another bass.

    Happy Fathers Day Dad!
  4. Great story joe it great to have those memories my dad and i make a point o fish on or near fathers day together every year. it's grat to have those memories. i have some great one of fishing canada with my grand father that passed when i was only 5