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  1. Hey guys, I fish a lot in the Upper Great Miami River mostly for bass with crankbaits, spinners etc. Now every once in a while, a pike will show itself and bite me off, hence Im getting tired of losing lures. Now Im usually throwing a light spinning rod with 4 lb test for those finicky smallies so I need a non metal leader that will not inhibit small lure action. I have heard that a short piece of spyder wire thread will hold up much better then mono, anyone else use this to help keep from getting bit off? Trust me, I have tried all the big game leaders, wire leaders and those bass run the other way when they see em.
    Any Ideas??? Most fish are less then 20" so the 4 lb test is plenty to haul them in.

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    When we fished in upper Minnesota for Northern I'd use reg Spider Wire and even Spider Wire Stealth I think as a leader & it did seem to cut down breakoffs. The break offs dont happen as much as people say they do when using 10+ lb line. I have used at least 3 guides & non recomend using wire leaders, but when using light action you have to do something, it doesnt take much to break 4-6 lb mono. I am NOT a fan of wire leaders in any situation, even when targeting big Pike, and like you said if your fishing light tackle forgets about it. I have a reel spooled w/ Berkley Fireline 2lb diamter, 10 pound test. Do you want me to cut several yards off & send ya? If Spider Wire works I'd think Fireline would to. This would answer your question & save some $. Shoot me a PM w/ your address & let me know.

    Man, oh man how I miss those trips to Minnesota. I have to get back soon.

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    You could tie a piece of 10 -14lb fluoro leader that would probably protect you against break-offs and should not spook fish. I have been using 50-80lb for leader material when muskie fishing.
  4. Thanks guys and I have access to fireline so while I appreciate the offer,I dont need any.
    Ill experiment some this year and see what works best, just wondered if anyone else had this same issue out there.

    Thanks again for the input guys...

    Mark ( salmonid)
  5. Hi Mark, I fish in Canada every year for walleye and pike and I use South Bend Invisi-leaders on my walleye rods. These are the thinnest leaders I have ever found and I have never had a pike break one, even the big ones 40" +
    The leaders are very fine but will kink up after awhile.
    I get them at Gander Mountain and Buckeye Outdoors in central Ohio.