A Decent Weekend PiCs And ViDeO!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by NorthSouthOhioFisherman, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Up north here it was really snowing Friday Eve so headed out to a buddy of mines and saw 2 does and a button. Damn it was cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole weekend!!!!!!! And windy!!!!!!!!!!
    Then decided Saturday was nasty so headed to Springfield at 3:00 this morning got in the stand on time and spooked one walking in then had another walk by early (A Doe) Around 8 after another hunter left I saw some movement out ahead of me used a bleat... Turns out being 2 REALLY DUMB little ones doe and button. I took pics and videos of these lol.
    Then I went out this eve to a small out of the way woods and had a mother and button and doe walk right underneath me. I moved to try and get a better look at them b/c I was actually sitting in the crook of the tree... not even in a stand lol and they spooked.
    A decent weekend for sure but I really wanted a buck this year with a bow... I'll still be satified if I can get one anyway!
    Good Luck out there-Be safe!
  2. Sounds like a good weekend. I saw the deer moving Saturday morning in the down pour. You couldn't hear them come in, so I spent the whole morning with my neck on a swivel. Neck has been sore today due to all the turning. I saw 3 bucks Saturday morning. (Nice 9, basket 7, and a half-rack 3) Saturday evening, I saw 2 bucks chasing a Doe way in the distance. If I would guess from the rack size, I would say there we an 8 and a 6.

    Didn't see a thing on Sunday. I think the wind played a role in that. I don't think I am going to get back out until the 26th. I have been hunting hard since week 1. I need a weekend to catch up on rest.