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A Crappie type of day at Oshay and Alum

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Perchy101, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    We had Oshay early in the AM was on the water by 8.... Probably got there a little late for the bite but it was still good...

    We were crappie fishing ... minnows and bobber about 8 foot deep...

    Starter off really slow with 2 dinks then I got into a nice 3lb blue cat... It was a heck of a fight with crappie gear in the works... thank goodness we bought a net or else we would of never got the thing in the canoe... Dad ended up getting another 2 lb cat...

    Then we forgot about the minnows and put on an 1/8oz jibhead and white 2" grub from Riverside! Started jigging them up in down beside the canoe and got into some nice fishing.... Ended getting about 30...

    We went home with 4 - 9inchers and one monster (least I think it was - ended up being 11 inches)

    11" Crappie:


    We were off the water by noon and back home for a little rest and ended up back at Alum throwing those jig tails... We went up to Howard RD and headed north... We probably caught 70 fish up there all were mainly smaller crappie and didn't make the 9" size limit... We did bring home 3 - 10inchers.

    All in all... We caught around 100 crappie today... couple cats... couple smallies and some nice gills....

    And BOY did I get some major sun.
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    nice fish, and sounds like a good day.

  3. I would be happy with that kinda day...caught a LM the other day about 14" and he put up a tussle on UL gear I can only imagine what a bigger cat would do.
  4. hey i think i saw you guys up there at howard road today, i was up there trollin around in my lil flat bottom 14 jon. a lil north of howard road on the east side.
  5. we fished from 630-1030 and only had some small fish.. a few bluegills and a few small cats and some sunfish
  6. I would have rather seen a pic of the blue as I don't think there are any in this area. I hope you are right and I am wrong.
  7. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    I fished north of Howard a lot last year for crappie. I caught hundreds of 7-8 inch crappie up there. for every 20 caught only 1 would be about 9 inches. Still fun though. Not sure where I'm headed this weekend but I'm getting out. Its been 2 weeks.
  8. Congratulations on the crappie!! It sounds like you had a blast on them.

    I am pretty sure that the catfish you caught was actually a channel cat as they are basically only in the Ohio River and it tributaries as far as in Ohio. Channel cats will take on a bluish tint at times as well. Nevertheless it sounds like a nice fish. It sure beats my day spent at work.:rolleyes:
  9. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    What is the main thing to ID a blue cat from a channel? I always thought they had a blue'ish tint to the skin.... And this one was really blue....

    This is one of the cats i've caught this summer and I thought it was a blue... correct me if I'm wrong...

  10. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Thanks Jimmy - I really didn't know that....
  11. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    The name blue catfish really has nothing to do with the color of the fish. In fact, more often than not from what I have seen they tend to show more of a white-ish or light gray-ish color.

    The blue tinted catfish you catch are more than likely big males. As they mature they tend to take on more color.

    This is all mostly theory, observation on my part. I am no biologist.

  12. I have seen some other folks give some better descriptions of the difference between channel cats and blues but here is a link that I was able to find that will help some. I believe one of the best indicators is the number of rays on the anal fin.

    Channel Catfish vs. Blue Catfish

    I have not been fortunate enough to fish the Ohio River and have never caught a blue catfish so my identification experience is limited to what I have read and what I see on the channels that I have caught in the past.

    Hopefully some others have more info to share on the differences. If Doctor were to see this I think he would be able to share some good info on the matter.
  13. 01mercLS

    01mercLS It's Fishing not catching

    Looks like a fun day. :)
  14. jray


    channels have a forked tail i believe blues dont correct me if im wrong but i am pretty sure
  15. If you look at the pictures in the link I posted above it shows that both have forked tails so I don't think you can make any distinction there. From all that I have read the anal fin is the most sure characteristic difference.
  16. according to a source I have blues can not handle the winter freeze this far north and are only in the Ohio although they may go up some tributaries a shor distance other than in the winter. I fish the Ohio and have onle then them caught below Cincy and then mostly in the winter which I can't explain.