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A CRAPPIE Question re spawn

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by exexec, May 11, 2004.

  1. I have caught some males that are very back on the belly and very few females. That usually signifies they are ready to make beds, but it seems to be very late for this year. Am I just getting to be crappy (no pun intended) or is the spawn late this year in NE Ohio? Last nite water temp at Portage Lakes was 69-71. Also do they spawn on the full/new moon?
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    the males are just getting ont he beds at mogadore, and no they aren't that late, we usually always catch them on the beds this time of the year, also, each lake is different. At milton they are just starting to move shallow i beleive.

  3. Personally I think things are about a week behind this year due to the cold temps comparing water temps from last year. Not sure though if fish use water temp or length of day to determine spawn time.
  4. Centrarcides (sunfish family) spawn based on water temperature, so things like bass and crappie are driven by that. Other species like steelhead spawn based on lenght of day and water temp does not matter. Just a little info for you guys.
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  5. misfit

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    imo,they are late spawning.maybe not when based on the average spring,but at least later than last year,due to the varying weather patterns we've had.i was getting loads of fish(male and female) in the last 2 weeks of april last year,due to the early,long warm the few trips last week,i caught mostly males,though the water temp was 67.the fuctuation in weather causes them to move on and off the beds,as well as delaying the spawn.i believe major spawning doesn't take place just because the water temp is at the right level for a day or has to stabilize somewhat.i've seen the temp change by 10 degrees on hoover,in a couple days,and vary by that much from one part of the lake to another,in the same day,in the same depths.
    in conclusion,i'll say they should be going strong in most areas,very very soon,if not already. :cool:
  6. I'd say 90% of the 40 or so fish we caught last night were full of eggs. We were out at West Branch and while we did catch some males shallow they were mostly females full of eggs. I saw so much egg I thought about making eggnog.... hahaha.... I'd say the spawn is on at WB...
  7. chaunc

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    Sunday, i C&R most of the 75 crappies i caught. All from one spot. There was a good mix of females full of eggs and males with their jackets on. I kept some of both for a meal. When i cleaned them i noticed the eggs have lots of blood in them which means they are ready to drop them. The fish weren't right on the banks. They were still out in 9ft but were relating to brush on bottom. The water was pretty clear too, so i believe they will spawn deeper this year than last. I'll go out and check again one morning this week before i go to work in the afternoon and post my findings. :confused: