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  1. icefisherman4life and I got out for some cold weather fishing on Monday. Hit the pond lookin for crappie, and caught a bunch, along with some gills and bass. All fish were taken on jigs and twister tails or jigs and minnows under a bobber. Kinda nice to just mellow out and watch a bobber for a change. Here are a few pics:

    icefisherman4life's gill:


  2. Nice job fellas.

  3. nice work my dude. that was fun as heck. that pond is the killer. bobber fish'n rules ill have you switched over to the dark side sooner or later. hahahaa.
  4. Where is this pond at? Is this pond public?
  5. Sorry, it's private.
  6. ya and the sad thing is they are bout to dredge it.
  7. That IS sad! Kinda looks like L. Anna, but don't they all look pretty much the same? Any fish in Aanna these days??
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    tmerk.....4life......man /oh man....are grown men ever more humble of their fishing than when they replicate childhood days of great times behind them, when as kids.....we/they.....all spent care-free times sitting and watching that famous "bobber", waiting for that "tell/tale" indication, that a finny creature was about to ingest the offering and make things interesting.....Glad that you two got to spend some time shedding some of the woe's of our everyday "helter/skelter" lives....and return to the fun things of those great times past......thanks for sharing that with us.......Jon Sr.
  9. cj. i think theres still fish in there. i know a couple years back a buddy of mine caught a huge carp outta there. it was 42 in. in girth. it was a monster. i havent fished down there since i was a kid. mr. your replys are awesome you should write books or magazine columns. i wonder if outdoor life or field and stream are hiring.
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    I fished Lake Anna on Saturday with my daughter.
    Lots of small bass in there and some huge channels that that are usually in the middle suspended about 30' down.
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    IF4life....Thanks for the compliment.....but your statement is closer to the truth than you know. This month I'll be 66 and back when I was in my 30'es... I wrote outdoor columns when I lived in Cuy. Falls. for local papers in Hudson/Tallmadge\Stow/Cuy. Falls. and some other publications...Got into outdoor articles to help fill in a big void in that area for fishermen and hunters that were hungry for more local information and not much of a "pipeline was open to them back in those days.....I've always believed that "Knowledge is Power" and that applys to all avenues of life...and the better informed people become, the the more they enjoy those things and the quicker they are to pass some of what they have learned,to others that may not be as informed as they are. I have been lucky to have fished and hunted in more places than the average guy.....since I grew up in less troubled economical times and got to travel to places before prices got to be out of hand for the average guy.....My life's outdoor experiences have led me to come into contact with "thousands of people" that have shared those common threads of no more that their GREAT LOVE FOR THE OUTDOORS...The first important lesson that I learned ( WHEN YOU PUT INFORMATION IN PRINT ) for others to read is,there are going to automatically be READERS of YOUR WORDS.... that think that they know more than you do.....And that just might be possible except for one small thing......I never will meet anyone person that knows it all/all of the time.......just as there is never just one way ( as some will try and have you believe) to catch a certain type of fish.....shoot a deer or any one of thousands of other outdoor related items..... One thing living to be older has taught me...... EXPERIENCE can never be replaced with opinion. But old methods are not always the best...and young people can bring newer methods to the attention of those that will take the time to learn... Which brings us back to Knowledge again........ ME......I ALWAYS LIKE TO HAVE A BACK UP PLAN.....if the first one didn't work....When guys like you and tmerk post things like you did, it can have far more reaching effects that you forsee at the time...... and that takes it back to the lessons learned part of life that we all pass along and sometimes don"t even know it at the time...Thanks again to you guys and I didn't mean to "high-jack" your thread.......Jon Sr.
  12. John, you most certainly did not "hijack" our thread. I have to agree with icefisherman4life: I always enjoy your posts and think that you bring a wisdom and perspective that we don't always find on this particular website. Your statement that we were "shedding some of the woes..." is exactly right. The whole point of this particular trip was to slow down and take our time and just enjoy being outside and with good friends. It's amazing how even our favorite pastime can become high-pressure and fast-paced, even competitive! This trip to watch our bobbers and not know what was on the end of the line until we reeled it in was just what was called for as the season draws to a close, or at least a major shift! Thanks again for your kind words and perspective. If you ever need one, you've got a fishing buddy in me anytime!
  13. i couldnt have said it better merk. john. i really enjoy reading your posts. and i agree with merk when that ice hits we should all 3 hook up and head out. im sure we could learn alot of stuff from ya.
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    tmerk and IF4life..... It would be my pleasure to hook up with the two of you for some quality ice fishing......I'm sure that we all can share some different ideas.....I'm game to fish over your way.....Old State Park.....North Res. or any other body of water out your way or for a change for you guys.....Punderson.....Ladue.....Mosquito.....for starters,out my way...You two, will be at the top of my list, just as soon as fishable ice comes our way I'll stay in touch (via PM'S).............Jon Sr.
  15. Sounds great, John. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a nice, long, cold winter!
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  17. gander mt. in north canton has their ice stuff out
  18. Nice! You pick up anything new?
  19. na they dont have alot of stuff out but some. i do love that 1 man shanty that clam makes they have. its sweet.