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  1. i took a few weeks off from building cranks. hears a couple that i just finished,
    one supposed to be a crappie one a craw pattern , one day ill get it right.
  2. Crappie would interest our perch here even other species too& the craw would the browns chow with delight
    Both look great to me

  3. I must have missed something, what's not right? They look great to me
  4. Thats the part of the addiction, we are never satisfied with what we do, it's never quite right, so on we go. Imagine what it would be like if we got it spot on first time *. They both look great to me, especially the Orange one, very natural color and both great finish. pete
  5. awesome craw, love the way you did it

  6. The craw rocks....nice, different side pattern and eyes.

  7. thanks for the complaments guys. every one i do i try to do better, i guess like haz said if you think it top notch i guess there aint no reason to do better.:)
  8. I like both of these. The graphics on the craw are really sharp.
  9. Dang Jody!!!!!!!!! Those look great!!!!!!! You definetly have your own style! I love that crawl. Man I can't wait till you get those out fishing!
  10. fugarwi7

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    That craw is really cool...shouldn't you be holding it with chopsticks though? :D
    Nice work!!