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A comment to all members

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ShakeDown, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Ok guys, take this how you see fit, and my observations and angle on this issue are coming from me personally, not necessarily OGF or the staff.

    There's been some discussion lately about guys being too specific about locations in reports. Although I personally think that sharing of information is the backbone of this site, I can totally understand why some guys think that there is a problem with being too specific. I think this is also a bigger deal to the banker anglers than the majority of the boaters, because we tend to have more water available to us just by the nature of what we fish from. However, if I think back to when I primarily bank fished, I must concur that I would be a little aggravated if some of the spots I worked hard to find were broadcast arbitrarily.

    Here's a suggestion, and nothing more, with a little OGF insight thrown in. Respect the sanctity of the sport and your fellow anglers, and be discreet about specific spots when possible. It's not mandatory, but just a courtesy to those who have put in the time and effort to cultivate these areas. We have a Private Message function, which is great for sharing the real specifics with other members. Keep in mind, as an "open" forum, anyone and everyone can read anything posted on the forums, member or not.

    OGF's stance on the matter is that we can't and won't intervene when reports do get too specific. What's too much for one person isn't necessarily for another, and that's a judgement call we aren't comfortable making. As a fishing site, that encourages sharing of info, it could be counterproductive if we stepped in. I think that responsibility relies more on the poster than the staff in my eyes.

    So as a suggestion, think of the ramifications of your info before you click that submit button. Although your information (site specifics) are appreciated by some, others might see it as a shortcut for others to hammer spots that took years of hard work to find.

    Just something to think about, and we appreciate everyone's support and enthusiam.


  2. Well said Shakedown, I particulary get nervous when I see posting on small streams for smallmouth, this is th type of fishery that takes years to locate and learn and then somebody posts how great they did and then get 5 replies on asking where this place is. It just burns me to no end. Smallie fisheries in Ohio are extremely fragile and too much pressure can kill the stream, as any real smallie guy can atest to.
    Like you, if Im fishing a smaller trib, Ill put the section of river "X" I was fishing and if people ask questions, Ill PM them answers but I sure hate posting any specifics with this crowd.


  3. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!


    Does this mean I am not allowed to sell CDs of all MrFishohios secret GPS readings? :D

    Jigger told me Catking had a secret catfish spot that was so secret the catfish couldn't find it :D
  4. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Nothing wrong with that, as long as I get first crack at em :D
  5. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    I spit water on my keyboard on this one! :D
    Good one! ;)
  6. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Don't forget my royalty checks. I've got one comming out for the tournament guys up towards Clending, Tappan.
  7. :D
    With you all the way, Shakedown!!!
    Thank you.
  8. I could of NEVER said it better myself. Discrestion IS the best policy. Personally, I'm torn between sharing information (discreetly of course) on this site and fishing with a buddy that won't even tell someone WHERE he caught his fish, let alone HOW! Talk about walking a tight rope. lol I know I make him nervous every time I tell him I've been on the site. lol

    THINK, before you type.
  9. I always try and be helpful with what body of water, what lure or bait, and maybe a general location like "deep weed edges" but am careful NOT to be too specific. I'm all for pointing fellow fishers in the right direction, but a big part of fishing is learning a body of water and figuring it out. I try and gear my reports to get people involved in fishing without giving the store away. I have been specific with some info, but I keep that in PMs or tell folks face to face.

    Also, Shake, I agree with you 100%.
  10. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    Thats Great Shakedown I like it alot. Although I only fish a Few Area's, I still dont say where my Honey Hole Is. :D :B
  11. Slikster

    Slikster Shore Bound

    I joined this site because I'm a bank/shorebound fisherman, and was hoping to find info about places I could find decent fishing.
    Maybe I joined the wrong site :confused:

    I personally never understood the big secrecy issue people have over good fishing spots. If I come across a good spot to fish I'm always willing to share the info with others. Because I know what it's like to walk miles of shore and catch nothing but a sunburn or heatstroke. Or sitting for hours on end at night wishing something would bite besides the mosquitos. If I can turn someone on to a place that they will catch fish, it's going to make their day. And it's going to make a friend who in turn will tell me of places they may find or know of.

    Seems like every site or forum I go to the shore fisherman is an overlooked outcast. I know I'm new, but if I could make a suggestion. Perhaps you could start a section of the site for us unfortunate ones who don't own boats and would be willing to share info on places you can have success fishing from land?
  12. That's a darn good idea SLIKSTER.
  13. I agree with Slikster. I am shore bound as well. Also, I feel there are some issues to fishing if you are shore bound that an area that discusses that would be fine.

    I love the site.
  14. Silkster,

    I can understand your concern and your reason for wanting to keep info coming. However I don't think the thing you suggested would work for many reasons.

    1. The large area of concern comes from the waders or essentially bank fishermen with river locations. Doing what you suggested would continue to promote the same thing.
    2. How would anyone be able to know who was getting the information and for what purpose?
    3. That would really be going against what the OGF is all about which is to share anything about fishing that people feel it right. As Shake said the OGF staff and mods are not going to go into the business of monitoring what info is too much and whether an individual is privy to that info. It should be something that the members consider as they share information and control it themselves.
    Besides as far as shorefishing opportunities, I think for the most part as far as lakes you don't get much problem finding someone willing to share some locations. The rivers however tend to be more coveted largely due to their fragile populations.
  15. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    I never ask for honey holes. I only ask for a push in the right direction or general areas. I only have a small boat with a 9.9 and it is so slow. My fishing time is very limited so I don't have time to run all over the lake looking for the fish. A general area gets me started and after that it is up to me to find the the spot on the spot and figure out a pattern. Thats what it is all about. The satisfaction comes when you finally do figure it out and catch fish. All your hard work has paid off and you have a feeling of accomplishment.
    I do love to catch fish but if I have to be hand fed every specific detail to do it, no thanks. I might as well fish in a pay lake.
  16. Basskisser1

    Basskisser1 And A Kiss For Good Luck!

    Thanks the man.
  17. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    What if you had a spot, put it up here, you go to fish & there's 20 people there. No room left for you at your hole, the one you gave up here in cyberspace. Next time you go, there's no fish, because the spot's been hit so hard for the last 2 weeks it's fished out, not only that, but now there's trash, beer cans, soda cans, old fishing line, empty tubs of livers, etc.
    All that being said, there's a good spot about 1/2 mile down from the sycamore tree on the East side. Fish the upper end of the pool with #6 hooks and bass minnows & you'll get a limit almost guaranteed. :B

    No one said you can't post spots, just be aware if you do, expect a crowd.
  18. Frankly, I agree with Slickster.

  19. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I dont agree with Slickster, some people may respect a spot, but alot wont..People will fish a good spot out, and then trash the place up..Us shore fishermen dont have that much access to begin with, advertising good spots will make them not so good spots in the future.
  20. Don't advertise your spots; but please don't ask others to with-hold information (and I'm not saying you were but you see how that can be the message?).