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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Astro1700, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Forgive me but I needed a chance to vent. I went to the lake today for my first boat trip. I think alot of people had the same idea, becaue the ramps were full. I knew that the first nice Sunday would be busy, that's fine. What boils my blood was all the people who pulled their boat from winter storage straight to the lake without any prep. Needless to say, out of five ramps two were filled with boats that wouldn't start and the owners were in no hurry to move out of the way, even though the lines were backing up. I was waiting to get out of the water because fisherman like to get on the lake before 1:00pm. Oh yea, did I mention that most of the others were trying to figure out where all of there equipment was. Oh well, I'm done venting. I'm going back to using vacation days and hitting the lakes during the week.
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    I agree your venting is genuine! I seen it and it is BS also having be burdened by not to smart types that don't want to take the time to do it right!

  3. I've never fished from a boat so I don't know about boat lines but I can sympathise with you on the point of ill prepared people and their lack of respect for others.

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    I had a feeling that the lines would be terrible today... so I didn't even bother getting the boat out. Even away from the ramp, its incredible how inconsiderate some people can be.
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    Astro I know exactly what lake your talking about and let me tell you it will not be the first or last time you will see this. Check it out on memorial day weekend. That is when boat won't start and they back it into the lake and just drift away. I swear by this that i saw 3 boats last year just float away from the docks because the motor would not start because they did not prep it. I do like you say i'm usually on the water by 5:30 am and off by 10 am on the weekends and i'll fish all day during the week.

    Not a vent just the truth. How many boats were not using the curtousy dock?

  6. Edgewater Park was deserted yesterday. No problems there.
  7. Astro, seen the same thing myself before. Make my blood boil because IT WAS THE ONLY RAMP!!! When I lived in the 'burgh, we would grab a sixpack on a busy weekend and just watch the idiots try to get their boats in and out of the water at the only public ramp in the city...
  8. just wait until that 400.00 launch fee kicks in, HAAAAAAA that will fix'em>> more politicians that's what we need......