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A bit of fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by oldstinkyguy, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Trip #1

    Yeah it's 35 degrees and all my saugfish spots are flooded. But sometimes when you have a new rod and reel to try out you make do. So I hit a pond at the local wildlife area and fished a tiny beadhead nymph as slow as I could manage. They weren't so much strikes as just a heavy feeling on the line. Pretty slow cold fishing but hey I'm catching fish on January 2nd in Ohio so I can't complain too much. And then I found it. An obvious for sure, gotta be, bigfoot tooth. And some mushy impressions in the grass that were I'm sure bigfoot tracks. So if you want a bonafide bigfoot tooth I could probably be talked into selling it....
    DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0004.JPG DSCN1298.JPG
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  2. 9Left


    sweet tooth! ( no pun intended)

  3. Bigfoot needs to see a dentist, I've been finding his teeth scattered around a local wildlife area also.
    Be careful out there -- _20160102_212548.JPG Good luck and Good fishing !
  4. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom River Pilgrim & Sojourner

    Are they for sale? I need them to add to the Bigfoot skull I found
    Are they for sale....I need them for the Bigfoot skull I found 1451795415352-1.jpg
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  5. I Can't sell them, I'm trying to refurbished a genuine bigfoot skull I found on the LMR ;) _20160103_002324.JPG
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Haha!! Good stuff guys! There can be no winter without a BigFoot thread.
  8. 8 degree air temp on a small black nymph where a bit of warm water dumps into the river. IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0004.JPG IMG_0005.JPG
  9. Nice job. This is the time of year i hit a place or two for carp on the fly. Same type of water. Lol.
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  10. Bet those were fun on a fly rod! Nice reward for braving the elements! Congrats!
  11. Nice, You gotta be hard core to brave 8 degree temps.
  12. BuzzBait Brad

    BuzzBait Brad River Angler

    Nice find on the tooth. And catching fish in January is awesome.
  13. Not a ton of excitement the last week or so. A couple small saugeye and a very small channel. The most exciting fish was probably this buffalo that ate my saugeye jig. Most of the battle came after the thing was whipped and bankside. Their was a bit of a dropoff and I couldn't beach the thing so I was forced to grab the thing and get very wet hands with the temps down in the teens. I'm fumbling around trying to unhook it and get the camera out with burning hands and after I snap this very bad photo the cameras batteries give it up to the cold too and the camera shuts down. I hate fishing with gloves if there is any way around it but maybe I'm thinking of putting some latex ones in my parka just to keep my hands dry in situations like this. I thought my fingers were going to fall off....
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  14. Nice Buffalo !
    They are One of my favorite summer time targets. It is amazing how aggressive they are on certain days, willing to attack a grub or even crank baits and other days are so very selective, ignoring small nymphs and everything else you put in front of their face, sometimes in can be extremely frustrating.
    Good luck and Good Fishing.
  15. A little carp wierdness...
    Had a pretty channel whack a pearl gold grub right at daylight and a bit later a six inch smallmouth. Then I heard a cry and looked up to see an eagle straight overhead as it winged its way upriver. About an hour later I found a nice eddy right below a small bar. I threw a three inch grub into the upper end and something hammered it and began peeling drag. It turned out to be a nice carp with the grub out of sight down it's throat. After landing it I walked twenty yards downstream and pitched the grub into the other end of the eddy. Whack, on the first cast another carp ate the grub! Now for the wierdness about a hundred yards downriver a pipe dumps warmwater into the river and the place was crawling with carp. You can see some in the last photo.Well these guys would shy away and spook from the same grub that the other carps chased down and ate. These guys actually seemed frightened as the lure neared them. IMG_0047.JPG IMG_0048.JPG IMG_0057.JPG IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0063.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0071.JPG
  16. IMG_0083.JPG IMG_0084.JPG IMG_0085.JPG IMG_0086.JPG Hit a pond and caught a few largemouth on a black wooly bugger stripped back as slow as I could make myself do it.
  17. Whew... the wind and rain were awful this evening. But sometimes you still just have to go. After all it is the first day for the new fishing license, seems like a good enough reason to me. All the gills were caught on brown beadhead... IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0091.JPG IMG_0093.JPG IMG_0095.JPG IMG_0096.JPG IMG_0098.JPG
  18. Those are nice gills! Good job!
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    db1534 Pair of eyes