A bad fishing reel?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RileyCreekFisherman, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. So I go my 4 year old Pflueger 8 bearing fishing reel out today and when I bring the line in after a cast, is sounds as if the bearings are going bad already? Is is possible? Are they rusty? Is it easy to repair?
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    During the 4 years, have you ever oiled the bearings? If not, they would just need to oiled up.

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    relubing bearings, maintanace should be done yearly if you fish much at all and more often if you fish in rain etc
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    And please don't take offense. I'm not trying to denigrate anyone's stuff, but bearing issues are normally due to cheap bearings. Ever wonder why you can buy a 8 or 10 bearing "market" reel for less than $100 but truly high-end reels don't normally have that many? Look at a Stradic, a reel that most here would identify as a good reel. 4 bearings. Sustains, a step above a Stradic sport only 6 bearings. A reel with lots of bearings that is a truly high-quality reel costs hundreds of dollars, like Stellas or Van Staals. They sport 10, 12 or even more bearings. HOWEVER, those bearings are very high quality bearings, shielded and of material that resists or simply doesn't rust. Yet I can go to Bass Pro and buy a Bass Pro brand reel with 10 bearings with a rod in a combo for $50. I've purchased Bass Pro Shops reels in the past (that were made by Pflueger for BassPro) and had the guts die in less than 2 years. Why? Cheap material. Even with regular maintenance and cleaning they simply don't last. I buy them for other people to use when they go fishing with me and aren't really fisherman. That way they don't ruin my good gear.

    If you do take care of the reels well, they can do OK for most people. Hot Sauce reel oil for the bearings, silicone grease for gears and warm water and soap to clean everything once or twice a year will help them live. However, if you want you reels to last year after year, buy as good a reel as you can afford. You'll never regret the purchase down the road.