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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Perchy101, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Headed up to Findlay to fish today....

    Had to stop at walmart to get some slip ties and a few extra bobbers.... that was at 7 AM.... THey didn't open till 8....

    So we hit the road and ended up stopping up in Marion.... at Mejiers... They had the ties but no bobbers... So ended having to find a wal mart... Found it and got the bobbers....

    Ended up getting to Findlay around 930...

    Drove around and looked... No one was out.... Stopped by #1 and drilled a hole off the ramp... 4" - Then headed over to # 2. Found a spot to park and I took off up the hill (man is that thing massive) Couldn't find a safe way to get to the ice without busting an ankle or two... Finally got to the ice just to fall through the edge... Wet socks and a shoe.... (thank goodness it wasn't my boots)

    So we just headed back over to # 1 and parked and un packed the gear.... Walking out was bad.... Busting through ice and into 2-3" of water.... Drilled a hole out there... A good 9" of ice... So we kept walking and found a hard spot to sit and fish on.....

    And all we did was sit... We got 2 good bites all day and caught 1 lil perch..... Marked fish on the flasher all day... Nothing would bite....

    Had a real nice local come out and talk to us.... and helped us figure out the flasher more (1st year using one, he really did help us out alot)

    So about 230 we packed up and called it a day... Went to get the car... And it wouldn't start.... I drug all the gear down the hill and loaded it up... And went walking finally found someone outside there house and they were able to give us a jump... We made it back to Delware before the car died all the way... We were at the Autozone.... Replaced the battery and made it home...

    The ice season is over... no doubt about it... Time to get the long poles strung up and ready to roll... We will be fishing on the lakes soon enough...
  2. DaleM

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    Sounds to me like you should have hit Buckeye again:D
    Glad you guys made it home OK.

  3. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Didn't think Buckeye would be safe today... Or atleast not safe all day....

    Did you make it out?
  4. DaleM

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    No not today. I know my brother was going out but I haven't talked to him. I'm sure it was good until later this afternoon though. The bank areas will be melted out for sure. They were a little soft when I left last night.
  5. ress


    Perchy101, the guy you talked to is a good freind of mine. He lives near the res. and knows alot of stuff and is always glad to help out. Glad to here that at least you did not get skunked. We fish there all year long and it's not uncommon to get a big fat 0. ALTHOUGH if you hit the right place on the right day,, there are some BIG OL PIGS in there! I've caught my limit of walleye, pearch and others plenty of times. In the spring seems to be the best for varity and the last 2 hours of daylight works the best. Not many locals post reports, but since I'am now a member of OGF I'll post my results.
  6. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Percyh101.......Safe to say, we all have had a day in our fishing lives just like yours....With all the short-comings, one thing good happened.....you got home,,,, safe and sound. Brighter trips too come my man.... Get them rods ready......open waters on its way...............