A 3.6 lb Crappie was caught

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  1. I stopped into the Bait shop by Ladue to see my friend Jim. He had pictures of a 3.6 lb crappie that was brought into his shop. It was 17.5" long. It was caught in a private pond. It was spawned out. What a fish. May have been a state record when she still had the eggs in her. I wish I could have seen that fish in person!
  2. Wow! In a private pond I know I would have been sending that fish back in the water.;)

  3. Now only if I could get one. lol Where did the guy get it weighed at? do u know?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    i don't know what it weighed, but I caught this 17" crappie in Mogadore.

  5. WOW! That is a PIG! :B
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    Nice fish!! I bet he fried up well.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    yes, it fried up nicely.. :)
  8. tell you one thing : i sure would,ve had that monster mtd if it was me !!!!!!!!!!! pappysgto@aol.com
  9. Dang Flash that is a HOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
  10. wow wee what a crappie what did you catch him on ............and how deep was she shallow very nice crappie i got a 16 inch er in the freezer last year i had 17 incher and my freezer went bad in the garage and and lost it ...........what a troghy .......ttt
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    Nice hog!! Saw an 18 1/2" caught last weekend on a buzzbait, don't know what it weighed, he's putting it on his wall....
  12. A friend of mine took a 17" from Leesville and is having it mounted. This seems to be a banner year for serious slabs. Thanks for the pic of the moose!
  13. I had a couple of hogs on the hook Saturday night that may have at least been near the top of my list but they got away. (Don't they always?) I caught a couple of 13's but these two were definitely bigger. But I still know where they live.:D I have never taken a 17" or bigger except for a pond. I am hoping that this may be my year to do so.:)
  14. mmmmm i m geting hungry