$99 muzzleloader at Gander

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  1. Does anyone have one of the $99 muzzleloaders from Gander Mtn? I think it said CV, synthetic stock, blued barrel. Didn't look to bad but was wondering how it shot. For 3-4 rounds a year might give it a go.
  2. as long as the breech plug comes out !! it does not sound bad!!

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    i had a $99.00 bass pro cva in 50 cal. that was a 1/32 twist that shot very well,and looked good with the wood stock. it was a caplock though and not an inline. but cva does make a quality gun I.M.O.
  4. TMK


    A few years ago I picked up a $99 Traditions inline at Gander Mtn.

    It's a 209 primered 50 cal model.

    The rifle has been 100% reliable so I have no regrets about buying it.

    Trigger pull is kinda heavy, but it only bothers me if I shoot the Rem 700 first.

    I played around at the range with a lot of diferent bullets for it and settled on 348gr powerbelts with two 50gr pyrodex pellets. Last time out, I used some of the 209 primers designed for muzzleloaders and shot my best groups ever. I'm still not convinced the primers helped that much. I was probably just having a good day. The rifle consistently shoots 2" groups at 100yd off a benchrest.