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99 evinrude 150 di

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by hunt for bass, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing this motor to relace my 84 150 mariner. Does anyone have any information on this evinrude. I'm told that the new direct injection is very easy on gas, reliable and quiet. Is this like the new mer optimax? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  2. hunt4- 99 ficht injection ( I assume as you said rude DI) was hit or miss- they were either good or real bad - the 97-99 fichts had problems and some are ticking time bombs- post 99 though they are AWESOME and indeed gas savers AND FAST.The early technology of DI's had bugs to be worked out and when they worked them out, they were/are AWESOME.

    DI's by brand - HPDI yammi - Optimax merc - and Ficht rude/omc/bombardier - rude has the new etec as well that is a DI. Good luck- just buy a whole new rig!!!


    Ill give you a deal and youll save my marriage!!! :eek:

  3. Trust me I have been looking at your rig for quite a while now. I love your boat. Anyway I'm getting the motor from schwarzel marine in hockingport ohio. He says that he put the new upgrade on the motor in 2000 (something with he heads). He assures me it runs great. Plus a 90 day warranty. Hopefully it will be as turn out as well as i hope.