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Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Captain Kevin, May 5, 2008.

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  1. I am selling my Trophy to get into a tourney style boat. This boat is as dependable as they come. Everything works on the boat with the exception of one courtesy light in a step that I was always afraid to break the seal on. This boat is definately a fishing machine with many, many extra's thrown in. Here are the specifics.

    Model 2002, year 1997
    120hp Mercury/Force. Had thermostat problem from factory, fixed next day no issues of any kind with this motor since.
    Escort single axle trailer. Bearing have never had any issues. Tires have less than 500 miles.
    Raytheon/Apelco 365 fish finder. Very nice unit, easy to read/operate
    Garmin 126 G.P.S. does everything a G.P.S. can do.
    Big Jon planner mast with reels.
    Big Jon boards
    6 trolling rod combo's Shakespear tidewater line counters
    8 Atwood rod holders
    2 flush mount Perko rod holders
    am/fm cassett stereo
    Uniden V.H.F. radio w/ shakespear antenea.

    Boat extremely well maintained, never spent a winter outside. I will be happy to give a sea trial to any serious buyers. We could even make it a fishing trip if you like. The motor wil idle all day at .9mph trolling with no carb loading.

    Price is 15,000 for everything.

    Pictures on request via e-mail.
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    please pm me a picture

  3. Shore-pup pm me your e-mail address and I'll send the pictures. Fishin' coach, your pictures are sent. Thanks.
  4. I re-researched the value of the boat and found I had errored. I am repricing the package at $12,000.00. Sorry for the brain fart fellas.

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    Not sure what boat you've found to replace this one, but it must be a nice one!!:p
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    I wouldn't mind seeing the pictures myself.....mostly_muskie@yahoo.com
  7. Yes it is, it's a Ranger, and musky the pics are in your e-mail. I will now be able to wear those really cool shirts!:p
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    Uh-Oh look out, Kev's going big time !:D
  9. Boat is back on the market. New price is $10,000.00 and the only changes are it now has tite-lok rod holders, and the trolling equipment is upgraded to shimano rods, and Okuma line counter reels. The trolling mast, and reels for the big boards are no longer part of the package. it does come with 6 Off-shore boards, w' tattle tail flags, many crankbaits, mostly Reef Runners, and Thundersticks., Many items too numerous to list. If your seriously interested, I'll send pics. of everything. Boat has to go. this boat has been a good one fella's and if you want a list of references of OGF'ers who have fished off of her I'll be glad to send them to you. Thanks.
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  10. If you buy it this week, it will go for $9500.00
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    Please contact seller via PM if interested.
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