$9 Bass? No...$4.50 Bass? Definitely!

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by fugarwi7, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. fugarwi7

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    Well, I attempted a $9 Bass pattern and although it didn't quite turn out the way I envisioned beforehand, I think it turned out okay. I think whatever it is, (half pike, half bass) it will catch a pike or a musky and I can't wait to use it up at my Canada cabin this summer! It is 11" long, has 9 different colors and 4 scale patterns (one is so obscure it doesn't show on the photo), wire through construction and recessed eyes. It was a lot of fun trying several new techniques on one bait. The little dude is 6" long, same profile and wire through as well. I did this one between paint stages on the big one. I wanted to do a flo finish perch and this is what I come up with. It should do well on eye's or pike...and I think it will dive to 20+ feet. What do you guys think?
  2. grat looking bait i am sure you will catch some nice fish on it . Do you make bass cranks ?

  3. Wow those look great!!!!!!! I love those style baits. Man am I getting excited about spring. Those will get teeth marks for sure!!!!!!!!
  4. Every time you post a lure Fugi, it's different and better. Great work, and amazing depth in the copper one. pete
  5. triton175

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    Great job. Love the different scale patterns.
  6. For sure that is not a $9 bass pattern. You are so far off the mark it's not funny. That has to be at least a $27 if not $36 pattern! Absolutely the best I've seen!!! Wire through,very nice design, clean build ,,, A+

  7. eyesman_01

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    Not having the time to work on my own, I sit back in awe everytime I check the forum out for new posts. I don't know anything about the $9 bass pattern, but that firetiger is sure to be an 'eye killer. Great looking baits as usual.
  8. Fug,

    That $9 bass is by far the best you have posted yet....nice paint, clean construction. Great job.

  9. Both baits look great i wouldlove to troll that first one around Salt Fork I am green with envy of all you guys that make your own baits
  10. Both lures looks really great ! Our zanders here would try to chomp both if they had the chance to & dont mention the pikes
    I like them both so cant say which one i like the most

  11. Those are both nice, Fugi, but the top one is a home run. I echo the idea that it is your best yet.

  12. Awesome work there fug. I agree with everyone, I think you nailed it! Although I have no idea what a 9 buck bass looks like, that is something I would feel very comfortable throwing at the toothy critters!
  13. like the boys said fug, you nailed the $9 bass and then some, by far the best i have ever seen, that guy is going to get hurt bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. fugarwi7

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    You guys are way too kind, but it is nice to hear many positive responses from some of the best builders on here! Thank You! I too can not wait to toss the big one for a few toothy critters...C'mon spring!!! I think the little guy will get equal time on the line as well! ;)