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  1. Well it is official, ODNR is changing the rules for 9.9 horsepower limits on 5 lakes here in Ohio. ODNR is proposing a pilot program for 4 lakes located in state wildlife areas and one state park. They are as follows: State Wildlife Areas - Knox Lake, Oxbow Lake, Lake Rupert and Lake La Su Ann. The state Park Lake will be Burr Oak. ODNR has been lobbied by B.A.S.S. to remove horspower limits to allow boats with unlimited horsepower engines to use these lakes. The boats with unlimited horsepower will be restircted to traveling at "no wake" speeds. This pilot program is for a two year period. The enforcement aspects of the "no wake" are still being looked into. The rules for this program have already been submitted to Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) for approval. Shortly there will be an official news release and that will be followed by the first public hearing on March 6 to accept comments on this proposal. It is understood that ODNR supports this proposal. At the end of the two year period, there will be a review to see how well it worked.
  2. I wish it was being done on some better lakes. IMO they should go with a speed limit instead of no wake. You can't even troll @ 4 to 5 mph without leaving a wake.

  3. I think this is a good idea.

    There are times when 9.9+ is essential to use. It is good to have it available.
    And with so many people fooling with carburetors, their 9.9 is really a lot more anyway.

    Also the gray area of having 2 motors and only using one is a problem.
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    How about the wake these 200 H.P. make loading and unloading a boat?
  5. That is unnecessary.
  6. Guess there will be alot of bugs to work out on the whole issue. I've seen the so-called 9.9's on Hoover leave bigger wakes than my 19ft Champion at idle. I call them 29.9's:D It would be nice if I could splash my boat in some of the restricted lakes and I would not mind following the rules at all, I'd just like to see the final fine print on the issues before John Law comes at me with his ticket book. :B
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    I hope it works out.I would like to see this statewide.
    I can load/unload my 200hp boat with very little if any wake!You don't need to get crazy loading or unloading,if someone is doing this they don't have any idea what they are doing.
    My 200hp boat also leaves less of a wake while running on plane than any 9.9 boat that is plowing all kind of water.

  8. True...a properly trimmed 19 foot bass boat running at 60 mph leaves about as much wake as a nice sized largemouth charging a top-water plug. WRITE THAT BASS A TICKET!!!
  9. As has been pointed out by most I wish our state would enforce speed limits as opposed to these no wake limits, Wake is to subjective, anything that is moving the water will make a wake, and the size of the wake is determined by the amount of water moved, For me personally "no wake" is not well enough defined to be enforced fairly. Much easier to go with a speed limit. But most boat speedos are horribly inaccurate anyway so Who knows.
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    I think the biggest downfall of this plan will be the manpower necessary to enforce this new law and as was mentioned infractions will be on a case-by-case basis and dependent on the officers point of view that day.

    IMHO the 9.9 limitation on most lakes is to deter traffic and noise, not wake. Hoover was tested to have the cleanest water in Ohio, and Alum was one of the worst. On a busy day at Hoover you might see 3-4 dozen motorized boats out on the lake. At Alum you might see 300-400.

    Probably not a coincidence.
  11. This is a big mistake! You know there will be idiots out there going way too fast. Enforcement will be a joke since they are already strapped for cash. If you want to fish these lakes so bad with your big boat BUY A 9.9! You guys already have $25 to $45,000 invested in your boat so spend another $2000 for a kicker if you want to fish these lakes so bad.
    Sorry to vent but this is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    That is one downfall of removing the 9.9 restriction,it will bring in a few pleasure boats which will in turn make the lakes more crowded and as said more noise.
    I think fisherman (hopefully) will abide by the rules. With all the modifications that can be done to 9.9's anymore there are some guys getting really quick speeds out of them.
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    I would also like to add that I personally would not be as opposed to lifting 9.9 restrictions and allowing 10mph limits on certain lakes IF it was limited to fishing boats only. (Anyone who has spent an afternoon at Alum dodging the PWC's and fighting wake from 30' racing boats would understand.)

    Again, it comes down to enforcement. There are thousands of cops on the road statewide, but people still break the speed limit. Don't see how a handful of water officers is going to manage thousands of acres of water spread all over the state.
  14. I don't think you'll see pleasure boaters with a no wake or speed limit law in place. Why would they come to a lake like that? But it would open it up (no pun intended) to a lot of us that have bigger boats. And I WISH my boat was worth 20 grand.
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    This is just the first step for B.A.S.S. and ODNR, they have long coveted unlimited horsepower for Hoover and other lakes. There are more than enough lakes with unlimited horsepower, please let those of us with small boats fish in peace. I have seen 2oo hp boats on Clear Fork, which has a speed limit, going full throttle. I have also been on Alum and the "bass boats" will go by you while you are trying to fish at full speed with no regard to you or your boat.
    If you realy want to fish these 9.9 lakes then buy a 9.9!
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    If you need an example of what's going to happen, look no further...


    Here's what's going to happen...

    1) It will pass because of extra revenue that is so desperately needed
    2) Homeowners and others will complain about shore erosion, noise, poor enforcement, and pollution
    3) You'll have more posts about people breaking the rules

    I know there are many responsible boat operators with large HP motors, but I'm sorry to say that speed is too tempting to get from one place to the other when you have the means available (I know most of you on here do not think that way, but unfortunately it's the few bad apples that everyone will remember)...I just don't think it will be enforced properly.

    Speed limits would be nice if everyone had GPS...not going to happen...
    No wake is the best we have and is already subjective. I just hope they don't consider doing this with the 9.9 MWCD lakes! Piedmont is my slice of heaven
  17. You will see the pleasure boaters on the no wake lakes .Go to summit lake in indiana. they are every where. I know that most fisherman will obey the law but theres always going to be that few that dont care.Of course its my opinion but every has the option to buy what size motor they want knowing that there are 9.9 lakes in ohio. i personally started with an8 h.p. on a 14 ft. semi v .i then bought an 18 ft. with a 90hp., knowing i couldnt fish 9.9 lakes anymore.now im full circle ,a fishing pontoon with a 9.9 on it so i can fish the 9.9 lakes.its everyones choice.i wish they would leave the 9.9 lakes alone
  18. Any boat moving through the water is going to make some sort of wake. So what do they really mean by "NO Wake". A budy of mine asked the Sheriff at Partage Lakes how they define no wake. They sheriff told him that if your wake has white water then you are in violation. It really blows my mind how many boats violate the No Wake at PL. It is NOT just pleasure boaters either. I don't own a gas motor at all nor do I fish any restricted HP lakes so this really wont affect me at all. But my .02 worth is this:
    #1) What ever the rules are, people are going to break them. Look at all the posts here on OGF for people wanting to know how to modify thier 9.9s to get extra HP.
    #2) a No Wake rule will slow everyone down including the boats with 9.9s
    #3) 30% of boats wont even know how to define NO Wake
    #4) another 20% just wont care and push it then try to play dumb later.
    #5) It doesnt really matter what I think it will pass because the lobying group has more money to throw at the politicians.

    All in all the only differance this will make is more boats and more noise
    More boats will lead to more polution and litter.
    More noise will lead to less peace and quiet.

    If you really want to make a differance make a boat limit not a HP limit or Speed limit or wake limit. ie. Only so many boats allowed on the lake at a time. Of course this will never happen.
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    Good luck with those larger motors at Knox, hope you don't ruin too many props on the stump end.

    When I purchased my in land lake boat I decided on the type of lakes I wanted to fish and bought a boat accordingly. It happened to be a nice 14 foot semi-v with a new 9.9 HP motor on it. Granted it was not always easy on the larger lakes so for the most part I stay off of them unless it is the middle of the night or really off season. I was well aware if I bought a bigger boat I would not be able to fish Knox, Hoover and places like that. I made a decision and have not regretted it since, nothing beats going out to a lake like that and enjoying a little peace without a ton of boat traffic.

    As for the modifying engines, I am sure that happens I will let you know though I do indeed have a true 9.9 HP engine, and I do not see too many boats out there faster then mine and mine is loaded down with boards to dampen sound. I think a lot of the 9.9 to 15 mods are done on older engines that do not run as well as a newer 9.9 anyway so they do not make that big of a difference. Not to say that does not happen but it is rarer then what you may think on here.

    Anyway I will keep a wary eye on Knox hopefully it does not effect that body of water too badly. Some of the best eating channel cats in the state come out of there which I attribute to a relatively clean body of water. I guess big money B.A.S.S will keep winning so no matter what I think or want it is still going to happen, so much for the little man and I am glad I never knowingly gave the organization a dime out of my pocket.
  20. It comes full circle every year. But this time the big lobby groups win. If this is an open minded test of a few lakes for a couple years, so be it. I guess that we can not stop that. Little guys can't fight the lobbiest. I promised myself that I would never get into this question again, but I can't help myself. I own a small boat. I could buy a big boat. I could sign my kids money away for a 30 year boat payment and pay $50.00 a day for gas but I don't choose to. That don't mean that others are wrong. We are not all the same. That is what makes life great. I choose a small boat on restricted lakes for the quite fishing and lesser boats. I have fished Alum as well as Salt Fork. Those boats can roll mine over without even trying. B.A.S.S. needs to remember just that. We have two very different style fishermen going after bass. They should help to protect both sides. Keep some small lakes for small boats and big lakes for big boats. The odd difference is that if all boats can go on all lakes, little boats loose. Any lake could be overwelmed with both big and little boats. If there are too many boats, the big ones can go to an unrestricted lake where little boats don't go for safty reasons. Big boats have more choices. Little boats will have to stay on the what ever they will call it, "no wake lakes" and hope to find some shore line. What is no wake? A ripple is a wake. An over active lake patrol can call anything a wake. What about speed limit. Lets say they put a 10mph limit on everyone. I know my boat plows at 10mph. So what will a big bass boat do with a 250hp do at 10mph. One last thing and I will shut up. Has anyone considered the acreage of unrestricted lakes vs 9.9 lakes in Ohio. We are not KY or Minnisota with huge lakes and lots of them. We only have a limited amount of lakes in Ohio. If you add up the unrestricted lakes and include Erie, they have lots of acres. I myself, have fewer choices. No way would I take my boat on Erie. Think of us little guys for now, its just not the right idea for Ohio. Lets don't race on the lake, but when you get to the nursing home, I bet my jazzy 111 will out run yours.