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    Looking at buying a 70;s 9.5 from a member here. Appears the motor has been taken care of since he owned it. Maintenace etc.. Price is fair

    Here's what i question... The last shop he had it to Said they would not recommend trolling with it as the motor mounts are going bad.. Fine using it opened up..

    I planned on using it for a kicker and for trolling 9.9 lakes.. Have not look into replacing the mounts (which i will if not to much$$)

    The questions
    Motor mounts ....Whats that have to do with using it at low speeds:confused: ??? I would think just some vibration from a low speed (maybe)
    What other damage could be done Except for maybe breaking the mounts completely
    Any thoughts on this
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    First, yes I would guess if the motor mounts are shot then running it at idle would result in bad vibration throughout the boat. I previously owned a 94 Nissan 2-stroke 9.9 and at idle it would make the boat shake like a harley. You didn't feel it as much at higher RPMs because the vibrations were much tighter/higher pitch. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

    You said the price was fair - but do you mind if I ask how much? Reason is, I would have to get something that old for next to nothing. Even if its been well maintained parts could be tough to come by. Buying stuff that old is always a gamble. Sure, $350-$450 sounds like a good deal at the time but I've seen guys buy stuff like that and they get 1 or 2 seasons out of it and then they're looking again 'cause it don't make sense to drop another $250-$350 or so for a mechanic to fix whatever broke. (IF they can find parts to fix it.)

    One more thing, most 2-strokes prefer to run wide open. (Which is why I sold my 2-stroke and got a 4 stroke.) Idling for long periods makes most of them load up. So if you plan on trolling (at idle or low rpms) that could be an issue. Couple that with the bad motor mounts and I'd pass. However, this is your call and one you'll have to make.

    Not sure what your budget is but might want to look at these...




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    i always tend to shy away from a deal if ,(ithink it needs) comes up in the deal. get a good runner that doesn't NEED anything? just like when someone says "i think it needs a tuneup " it prolly needs carbs rebuilt!